Welcome to the Abington Lions Club page where we will attempt to show the wide reach that Massachusetts Lions have.

The Mass Lions have over 9,000 members in over 275 clubs.  Each of these clubs works singly and in unison at times with other clubs and districts to eliminate blindness and help in their community in any way they can.  In 1925 the International Lions adopted Helen Kellers challenge to end preventable blindness.  In 1952 the Massachusetts Lions Clubs took that one step further, we made Eye Research our official project.  The Lions of Massachusetts have dedicated themselves to this one primary statewide project ever since, EYE RESEARCH.

  We are fortunate to have some of the premier eye research facilities of the world, in our back yard.  Among others, we have; Harvard Medical School, Howe Laboratory at Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary, Schepens Eye Research Institute, Joslin Diabetes Center, and The Mass Lions Eye Research Laboratory at BU Medical Center.  Because of the Lions support over the years, Boston has become one of the leading Eye Research and Diabetes Treatment centers in the world!

  The Boston laboratories have made many discoveries in diseases and pioneered instrumentation used for both surgery and diagnostic purposes.  Some of the major findings include; laser beam treatments, upside-down tables for detached retinas, corneal transplants, soft contact lenses, specular photomicroscope, and recently, the scanning laser ophthalmoscope. 

  All of this started for the Mass Lions because in 1951 we became aware that each year, 2,500 premature babies were losing their sight at birth from "baby blindness".  The Lions at that time formed "Mass Lions Eye Research Fund" dedicated to funding research.  The very first grant of $5,000 was given to Dr. Ingalls of Harvard Medical School who was instrumental in discovering that the cause of "baby blindness" was too much oxygen being used in incubators for premature babies.  Today, over 125,000 adults can see because of the foresight and concern of these Lions. 

  The Lions of Massachusetts have awarded grants totaling over $20,000,000.  We are continuing to find needs for our help all over the world.  Today, the leading injury for all servicemen and women serving in the middle east is eye injury.  The lions are sponsoring many laboritories that are working on new treatment methods.  One exciting branch being investigated is a "living tissue" bandage that may be used shortly to recover eyesight lost to traumatic injury.

  We can not do this alone.  We, The Lions of Massachusetts and the world, are asking you for help.  How can you help? Support your local Lions Club as they continue on their "journey for sight".  Ask a Lion how you can help, it is not only painless, but it also gives you a great feeling of belonging and community.

We Serve, shouldn't you?

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