Details on last year's answers and how to participate are listed below this graphic.  

Business Owners Interested in Being a Treasure Hunt Location

Answers to last years treasure hunt:

1. Barron Chiropractic

2. MassageMore

3. Idylwilde

4. Mathnasium

5. AAA

6. Gould's Clothing

7. Periwinkle

The Acton Lions Club and the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce Announce

The 2017 Chamber of Lions Treasure Hunt!


Are you smart enough to find $500 in the Acton Lion Club Treasure Hunt! It is a blast!

Like real treasure hunts? Like $500 for 90 minutes of game playing? Like to have fun? All this is happening during the Chamber of Lions Treasure Hunt this June 17th.

The Acton Lions Club has sponsored another treasure hunt and has teamed up with the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce to bring you this challenge. Here is how it works:

This free treasure hunt will challenge the participants to use all their wits and knowledge of the area and businesses to find clues. Each clue leads them to the next clue and ultimately to the treasure! The clues will be provided starting at 11:00AM over the Acton Lions and Chamber of Commerce Face Book pages. It should take 90 minutes. The clues provide reference points for geography, landmarks or visible descriptions combined with clues about what the business does.

Basically, the clues are business locations. If you think you have the answer then you go inside the business and ask someone at the front desk if they are a clue. If so, they will hand you the next clue and perhaps take a picture. If they are not a clue then they will probably look at you strange or wish they were you. If you get all the clues, you will call the number listed in the last clue just to make sure you have them all. Only one team can win! Here is an example from last year, see if you can figure it out.

Clue 6

The Great solar flats negate the flash of this fashions glare. Long been here, this pioneer dressed people young and old. The name, the same as generations came, as fittingly as we’re told. The Nook not far to this bazaar nice things to behold.   (the answer is on the Acton Lions Club Facebook page)

Participating businesses and treasure hunters are invited to update us on which number treasure they are seeking. Send updates by Face Book post or phone call. The winner will need an understanding of Acton geography, some history, some landmarks and definitely some local establishments.

Rules of competition:

  • The winner will win a cash prize of $500 and a basket of donated items from participating businesses.  
  • Registration on the Acton Lions web-site/Facebook is required. Confirmation by the Lions provided.
  • There is no cost to participate.
  • Hunters must be able to participate. One person must be over 16 years of age
  • Teams must consist of a minimum of two people. One driver focused on safe driving and someone to read and research on a smart phone if necessary
  • Individuals, groups, organizations are allowed to participate. Use this as a chance to win funds for your causes, for college or for fun!
  • This is a public event so expect to be photographed. Winner will be recognized at awards presentation.
  • This event is a single winner competition. There is one prize. All participants are suggested to continue as long as they wish.
  • A message will be sent if a winner is announced


  • This contest is open to anyone except organizers and participants so you can participate and benefit or be a hunter. 
  • This is a team event and requires a minimum of two people. This forces the driver to focus on driving.
  • There is no sharing of clues on public social media sites or hunter forfeits


There will be a winner ceremony with the presentation of the award that afternoon at the Acton Lions Town Fair Grounds. We will provide a meal for the winners and people associated with the event. Bring your families and make an event of it. The presentation of gifts and a wreath will be placed on the winner’s head. We will take photos, provide refreshments and generate material that we will use to submit to the paper. 

Please contact me ASAP to be listed as one of the teams. Please have multiple people and a team name (and optional outfit to suit the team name – make it fun). We look forward to having fun and creating some great moments between the Acton Lions, the Metro West Chamber of Commerce and our treasure hunters!


Ken Silva

Treasure Hunt Coordinator







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