Lions Roga Nidan and Swastha Kendra, Village Tintoda, District Gandhinagar

This project was inaugurated on 9-Apr-2009 by Lion Rohit Mehta, past international president.  This was the brainchild of Dr. M.K. Jain (President, Lions Club Ahmedabad Main during 2008-09)

Tintoda a remote village falling under District Gandhinagar didn’t have even a Primary Health Clinic and the Villagers used to face tough time during illness, emergencies. The Village population is 8000 and 50% are below the poverty line (BPL). Most of the male population was addicted to drinking local liquor and chewing tobacco resulting into Tuberclosis.

Our efforts by educating the Villagers towards health awareness helped in eradicating Tuberclosis and severe Skin Diseases.

On an average, we attend to over 1000 patients every month from Tintoda and neighboring villages. We have arranged for over 600 cataract operations by Phaco Technology at Government Hospital,  Gandhinagar and Karnavati Eye Hospital, Ognaj.

We have also attended to five Children under the age of 12 who had cataract by birth. All five have satisfactory vision now.

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