July 2015 Activities:

  1. For supporting of the programme which was held during all Ramadan for Foundation of the Blind of Turkey, Ankara Çayyolu Lions Club gave an evenning meal for 20 (twenty) Blind friends on 06 July 2015. 
  2. For supporting the Youth Exchange Programme, Ankara Cayyolu Lions Club gave a lunch for the foreign young friends, at Atakonagı-Hamamonu on 15 July 2015. 

August 2015 Activities: 

  1. As one of the project of this year for "Lions Full-Time Project", our Club has supplied two pairs of quilts for a student. 
  2. On the scope of "Lions 100th Anniversary Project" and "Kids Pride Week" on the August 30 of 2015, our Club Members supplied the cost for the two students of the Sugar Children's volleyball team in the breakfast program. 

 September 2015 Activities: 

  1. For the "Fund Developer Project" we organized a brunch programme among our Club. By the income of that activity, we provide source for the Needs of Children. 
  2. For the "Lions Full-Time Project", we provided eleven pieces of wraps for children. 
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