Project #1:

Adopted 2 government schools in Tippagondanahalli

- Providing assistance in Basic Computer education and upkeep of lab facilities

- Participation in major school activities

- Providing casual uniform and shoes

- Initiating and Driving Quest program to the school

- Facilitating logistics for school children commute

- Plantation of fruit bearing trees and up keep of the same in the school campus

- Voluntary education services from our own Elite Lions

- Providing necessary sports equipment as per need

Project #2:


Service is the motto of Lions Clubs International. We Lions Clubs of Bangalore Elite in association with District 317A, want to take this effort to the next level by enabling volunteering of service activities by the Lion community and the society at large. We propose to make a permanent project available through mobile and internet to all strata of society and participate in this noble cause. This will be the first cyber project by the Lions for the society in India.

WESRV is a mobile based service platform which brings together individual service activities on a need and availability basis. There are so many elderly and disabled people around who need help on some activities daily. This can be one of such needs or a on a daily basis

WESRV provides a platform where we could have volunteers registered for such activities with mobile number and dynamic location. The service requestors can also register themselves and avail free services from the volunteers.
The services can be as simple as, but not limited to, these

1. Help to visit a place of worship
2. Help to visit a clinic
3. Help to get medicines
4. Help to get blood
5. Help to get grocery or food
6. Help on utilities (ticket, tax, bill payment; etc.)
7. Spend time with senior citizen (Talk, game, etc)
8. Spend time with children (play or teach or short day care)
9. Accompany to govt office and help on formalities
10. Accompany to Railway, Bus or Airport
11. Help to visit a place of worship
12. Help to visit a hospital
13. Help to get blood
14. Accompany on Visit to functions
15. Accompany on Visit to government offices
16. Accompany on educational tours

These set of activities can be expanded to certain requests like traffic volunteering, fire service volunteering, disaster services volunteering; etc. The security features of the app include Photo, Mobile and Aadhar identity proofs along with verified credentials from the admin. The feedback mechanism from both volunteers and service requestors provide for a healthy metric on individuals and also can be a platform for gamification aka the gamification in our MyLion App

Please contact if interested in contributing to the cause or if you need more information.

Lion Raghavendra Sathyanarayana

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