Lion Jim Wilson

By Lion Sarah Wilson DC March 6, 2017

You know the Lions club improves our community, but do you know about all of our projects? Meet our members and get to know those people serving you community to make it better. Take Jim Wilson here. He has been serving as a Barrington Lions member for 25 years! That's impressive. He has been serving as many years as some of our members have been alive! Jim is personally invested as his son was born with 50% hearing loss in both ears. Jim's favorite event is the July 4, Brat tent celebration. Jim collects aluminum from the event, turns it in, and uses the funds to help kids who are hard of hearing go to Camp Lions. This is a great place where kids with hearing impairments all gather for a few weeks in the summer. Jim's son, now a successful lawyer, spent many years at Camp Lions. The camp hosts 250 campers every year. Come to a meeting, the golf outing in May or July 4 tent to meet our Lions star, Jim!


2016-2017 Barrington Lions Club Officers

  • President - William M. Lee
  • Treasurer - Kevin Adler
  • Secretary - Ken Kudla
  • 1st Vice president - Mike O'Neill
  •  Immediate Past President- Brian Cecola
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