Belwood Lions Pike Derby 26-27 May 2018 IS OVER

Our 38th year!!


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See below our rules & regs (to keep us all honest and safe); details of last years Derby Prize winners; photos and our sponsors. Please patronize our sponsors since it's partially through their support that we can bring you this derby and great prizes every year, for these past 38 years.


SUPPORT GROVES MEMORIAL HOSPITAL & OUR "LIONS FOR GROVES" CAMPAIGN PLEDGE FOR $200,000. For the second year in 2018, a portion of our Prize Derby receipts will be donated to GROVES. Please support our cause.



Thanks to John Espinola and the amazing folks at Lower Twin Lakes, we again have the Fishing lodge trip to win

FISHING LODGE 7 NIGHTS WITH BOAT - Donated by Lower Twin Lakes Lodge, Nakina, Ont

Thanks to Universal Rental in Fergus, who have donated a STIHL MS170 CHAINSAW...msrp $289.95


Thanks to Ed Stewarts Equipment in Erin, who have donated a STIHL BG50 Leaf Blower ...msrp $219.95


 Great prizes to win in our draws





(Stuff we got to add to keep us all honest!)

1. Entrants 9-14 years are only eligible for the Youth Category and to be awarded prizes within the Youth Category. Youth entrants are not eligible for the Adult Category. All youth 14 years and under must have written and signed permission from a parent or legal guardian (for insurance purposes). Juniors 8 years and under will be recognised during the closing draw. Proof of Age may be required.

2. All participants agree to abide by the regulations of the Fish & Game Act, The Department of Transport -Small Boat Safety Regulations and these regulations of the BELWOOD LIONS PIKE DERBY.

3. All Fish must be caught in Belwood Lake above the Shand Dam.

4. The Derby commences at 5 A.M. Saturday Morning and ends Sunday Afternoon at 4 P.M.

5. Fish will only be measured at the OFFICIAL STATION at the Dock at Belwood Hall. The station will be open 5 A.M. until 8 P.M. Saturday, 5 A.M. until 4 P.M. Sunday. Fish not surviving the trauma will not qualify for entry.

6. Only fish caught after Derby Registration, within boundaries described in Rule #3 and during the BELWOOD LIONS PIKE DERBY may be entered.

7. Only One Fishing Rod may be used per person. All fish must be caught using legal angling tackle. Any evidence of gill net, gaff or snag marks will immediately disqualify that fish from the competition. Frozen or gutted fish will not be accepted as entries.

8. When fishing from a boat, ALL occupants must be registered entrants before fishing in the derby. All fish must be caught by the registered angler entering the fish. When fishing from shore ALL members of a group or alone must be registered before entering the derby.

9. Entries are restricted to PIKE and no fish will be accepted for entry under 22 inches in length. Any attempt to falsify entries will result in forfeiting of prizes and elimination from the Derby.

10. Fish may be entered only once. Participants may win only one prize (except entry and draw prizes). All fish entered will be turned over to the Belwood Lions Club for release back into the lake. Fish must be fit for live release within 15 minutes of reporting to official station

11. The First Prize (except entry and draw prizes) in each category will be won by the pike determined to be the longest (total length), not the heaviest.

12. In case of a tie, the winning pike will be the earliest measured.

13. Prizes must be accepted as awarded.

14. All decisions by the judges will be final. The Belwood Lions reserve the right, at their discretion to hold any fish for biological examination and testing. Major prizes will not be released until such testing is complete.

15. In case of a dispute. All disputes must be filed in writing with the Derby Chairman within 15 minutes after the Derby closes. All major prizes (except entry and draw prizes) will not be released until dispute has been settled.

16, The Belwood Lions, The Grand River Conservation Authority, sponsors, organizers or their agents will not be liable to, or the loss of property, or the injury to any contestant or spectator.

17, Draw prizes and awards will be presented in the Belwood Hall on Sunday evening at 4:30 P.M. Must be present to win draw prizes. (Not including raffle or 50/50 prizes. Winner/s of these will be notified by phone or email)

18. Scrutineers may accompany any boat on request.

19. Entrants agree to allow their picture to be used for publicity purposes.



2017 Pike Derby Winners

Adult Category

1st place is Al Spies, Elora - 30 1/4 inches - $2000 cash

2nd place is Brian DeKeyser, Guelph – 29 3/4 inches - Pedal Kayak, valued at $2500

3rd place is Rick Motz, West Montrose – 28 3/4 inches - Fish Charter

4th Prize is Boyd Bonneville, Brantford -  28 inches - Fish Finder

Early bird winner  is  Mario Cristiano,  Brampton - Fish Charter

Youth Category

1st place winner – Abby Billings, Guelph - 25 1/2 inches - Fishing Tackle kit

2nd place winner – Nathaniel Aguiar, Cambridge – 25 inches - Fishing Tackle Kit

3rd place winner – Tristan Wilson,  Fergus – 24 1/2 inches - Fishing Rod

Raffle Winners:

Lower Twin Lakes Fishing Week      Rob Wilson, Fergus

Stihl Chain Saw                                 Brian Dekeyser Guelph

Stilh Lithium Weed Snipper               Winners name to be confirmed - if it's you, please let us know

Napeoleon Charcoal BBQ                 Gary Vaughan  Walkerton

Check out these videos from YAKMAN of this years and previous years Pike Derby

2017 Pike Derby

2016 Pike Derby


Al Spies - Winner

Adult Category - 1st place is Al Spies, Elora - 30 1/4 inches


Adult Category - 2nd place is Brian DeKeyser, Guelph – 29 3/4 inches


Adult Category - 3rd place is Rick Motz, West Montrose – 28 3/4 inches. 


Youth Category - 1st place winner – Abby Billings, Guelph - 25 1/2


Youth Category - 2nd place winner – Nathaniel Aguiar, Cambridge – 25 inches



Youth Category - 3rd place winner – Tristan Wilson,  Fergus – 24 1/2 inches



LIST OF OUR SPONSORS - Please patronize our sponsors - without them our Derby would not have such great prizes each year:

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