The Blue Grass Lions Club

Meet the members of your Blue Grass Lions Club. In future issues, we will highlight a member and provide information about their involvement in the community.

We will also highlight projects that our Lions Club is involved in.

Meet the Stanfields: Chester (Stan) and Cindy, moved from Stockton, MO to Blue Grass in August 2014. Stan was a member of the Lions Club for 10 years, prior to moving to Blue Grass and joining our Lions. He currently serves as President, and is a member of other committees. He works with the Boy Scouts as assistant range officer and other activities, when needed. Cindy joined the Blue Grass Lions Club in March, 2016 and is Co-chair of the Iowa KidSight program and also, serves on other committees. Stan and Cindy are very involved in the Blue Grass American Legion and in their church.

The Blue Grass Lions Club wishes to thank the many very faithful donors for making the December Blood Drive a huge success. Also we wish to thank St. Andrews Catholic Church for hosting the drive and their involvement, during and in clean-up, following. We netted 41 units of blood, which includes six double red units, that will potentially treat 164 people. Our goal was set by Mississippi Regional Blood Center at 35U. Watch the Bugle for our next upcoming drive on February, 6th. 2017.

Meet Evelyn Troyer:  Evelyn Troyer, moved to Blue Grass in August of 1968, from Kalona, Iowa. Evelyn was a charter member of the Blue Grass Lioness Club, from 1978, until it closed in 1994. The Lions charter member, Harold Troyer, sponsored Evelyn as a Lion member. Evelyn succeeded Harold as Secretary-Treasurer in 2008, when he became deceased, until the present time. Evelyn also served as president of the lions club for a couple of years, and was active in fundraising and ther activities. She currently coordinates the Blood Drives in Blue Grass, assuming the position in 1995. Harold also was assisting her with some of the duties of the drive until his passing in 2008. In the last 22 years of the drives, the Blue Grass Lions club has collected around 4,400 pints of blood (about 200U. annually), which has impacted around 17,600 lives. Evelyn, along with MVRBC, is very grateful to the very faithful donors who have given so much to the community. We are also, very grateful to the St. Andrew's Catholic Church and the Blue Grass Presbyterian Church, for the use of their facilities as host sites and their volunteers, who have generously assisted. Over the years we have had a very hard working Lions Club chartered in 1974) and it has been my pleasure to have worked with them and had the opportunity "to serve" (Lions Motto is “We Serve!”). It wouldn't have been possible without you!
Meet Sally Shelton: I would like to introduce Sally Shelton. She is a retired Master Sergeant of the United States Air Force. She has lived in Blue Grass since 1996. She became a member of the Blue Grass Lion's Club in Oct. 2016. She helps with the bi-monthly Mississippi Valley Blood
Drive in Blue Grass. She is co-chairman of the BG Lions Kidsight Program. This program is set up to screen preschool age children for eyesight problems. These pictures are then sent to the University of Iowa Hospital for evaluation to detect early vision problems. Lion Cindy Stanfield and Sally screened 10 kids at Noah's Ark PreSchool with the assistance of Lion Mr. Arp of Walcott. If there are any daycare/preschools who are in need of this free eyesight screening, please call Lion Sally Shelton at (563)381-7991. Thank you.

Meet Gary Troyer:  I would like to introduce Gary Troyer, who moved to Blue Grass in August of 1968, from Kalona, Iowa.  His father Harold Troyer was Blue Grass Lions charter member until his passing in 2008.  Gary became a Lion member in September, 2008 to follow in his father’s footsteps for serving.  The Lions Motto is “We Serve!”  Gary is proud of the Blue Grass Service Projects the club is involved, such as: IA “KidsSight”, Vision Screening; Six sponsored Blood Drives Yearly with Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center; Used Eyeglasses and Hear Aids Collections; Leader Dogs for the Blind; Puppy Program; and Diabetes Education.  Gary serves as Computer Assistant to Secretary/Treasurer and Club Webmaster.  The Blue Grass Lions Club Website link is:  If you would like to contact him regarding the website content, please send an email to Gary,, with the e-Mail Subject: Blue Grass Lions Website.

Meet Walt Hilbert:  I would like to introduce Walt Hilbert, a retired school teacher in Davenport.     Walt is a proud member of the Blue Grass Lions Club for nine years.  One of his favorite activities has been helping our club to provide optical examinations, and eyeglasses, hearing evaluations and audio devices for people who live right here in the community.  These are people you might see at the market, or, gas station any day.  These people are anonymous to the club members, but there is so much satisfaction in knowing you have helped to improve the quality of life for another person.

Meet Dr. Philip Bayne:  I would like to introduce Dr. Philip Bayne, who has been the family dentist in Blue Grass since 1993.  Dr. Bayne has been a Blue Grass Lions member for over 20 years and am happy to be a part of this wonderful program.  He proudly has the Lions Club Eyeglass Donation Box displayed in his lobby.  When he is not connecting with patients at his office, he enjoys riding snow mobile trails in Wisconsin and fishing with his family.  Like the Lions Club, his office enjoys the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people right here in our own community.  There is a sense of pride that comes with seeing someone smile that hasn’t smiled confidently in years.

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