Club Officers -

President – Chester (Stan) Stanfield

1st Vice President – Sally Shelton

2nd Vice President – Cindy Stanfield

3rd Vice President – Walter Hilbert

Secretary/Treasurer – Evelyn Troyer

Service Chairperson-

Marketing & Communications Chairperson – Cindy Stanfield

Lion Tamer – Robert (Bob) Rogers

Tail Twister – Walter Hilbert

Membership Committee – Chester (Stan) Stanfield

Board of Directors    1-Year – Kenneth Tisinger

                                                1-Year – Ray Arp

                                                2-Year – Walter Hilbert

                                                2-Year – Robert (Bob) Rogers

Computer Assistant to Secretary & Treasurer – Gary Troyer

IT Chairperson – Gary Troyer

Sunshine Chairperson – Chae Tisinger


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