Our Club supports vision and hearing programs by conducting preschool vision screenings locally (Iowa KidSight).  We raise money for the Leader Dog for the blind and the Puppy Program.  We donate to the Camp for the Blind at Camp Courageous in Monticello for children who are blind.  We organize 6 blood drives a year in Blue Grass.  We support camps for children who have diabetes, to help them learn to manage their illness.  We help with transporting corneas from the Lion's Eye Bank in Iowa City to a hospital in Madison, Wisconsin where they are implanted in the eye of someone who is vision impaired, thus saving their sight.  We help local people obtain eye glasses or hearing aids as the need arises.

We have ongoing broom sales in Blue Grass.  Contact Ken Tisinger or Evelyn Troyer to purchase a broom. We collect used eye glasses and hearing aids which are turned in to be refurbished and given to someone in need.    

Please look at our calendar for our next Community Blood Drive that will be at Saint Andrew Catholic Church, 333 W Lotte St, Blue Grass, IA.  Hours are 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Call Evelyn Troyer for an appointment or if you have questions--381-2417.  

We have put together Welcome Packets for newcomers to the Blue Grass Community.  Any people new to Blue Grass can ask for a packet at City Hall when they check in there.

We have acquired the File for Life Magnets to be distributed by the Blue Grass Fire Department.  These magnets are to be placed on ones refrigerator and contain emergency medical information.





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