The Bountiful Lions would like to make the following response to the accusations made on the Lakeview Rifle and Pistol Association (LRPA) website:

First of all, we acknowledge the services of the LRPA over the years on behalf of the Bountiful Lions Range.  These services have been of great value to the range and thus to the public which it serves.  The Lions appreciate those services and would like to extend a sincere thanks to the members of the LRPA for their dedication to this project for some thirty to forty years.

Over the years the Bountiful Lions have made a sincere effort to follow the Lions Clubs Code of Ethics.  Special attention is called to the last paragraph of that Code of Ethics which is quoted here: “To Be Careful with my criticism and liberal with my praise; to build up and not destroy.”

The two organizations have been unable to arrive at an agreement for the continuation of the relationship.  The LRPA have felt justified in bringing legal action against the Lions.  They have accused the Lions of dishonesty and fraud.  The Lions have responded to these accusations within the judicial system.  We are confident the truth will come out during the legal process. 

As Lions, we feel our conduct is consistent with the high values set forth in our Code of Ethics.  Although we agree in the rights of others to disagree with us, we are disappointed in the hostile and personally insulting nature of the comments posted by the LRPA on their site.

In keeping with the language of our Code of Ethics we will not respond in kind.  Members of the LRPA have provided much valuable service to the Range and the public for many years.  Although we have parted ways we continue to believe the services provided by the LRPA, especially, through their zeromatic program, constitute a valuable service for the shooting public.  We wish them the best in their continued service to the public.




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