The Lions Motto is “We Serve."  For 89 years our Club's members have followed this mandate through the creation and support of a wide variety of facilities and service projects.

While Sight is the major institutional goal of Lionism, our bylaws also direct us to take an active interest in the Civic, Cultural, Social and Moral Welfare of our community. 

We welcome membership interest from any man or woman of legal majority, good moral character and community reputation who recognizes Lions as a vehicle through which they can make a contribution to the community, expand their acquaintances and make some wonderful friends.

The Lions are the largest service club organization in the world with over 1.3 million members. The members of our club represent all walks of life: employees, business people and retirees -  male and female members.  Though we come from every corner of the social, economic and religious spectrum, we are united in our desire to provide aid and support to those in our community who are in need.  If you are motivated to offer help to your neighbors who can benefit from it, you will find many opportunities for personal fulfillment by joining with us.  


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After nearly one month with their host families, our three exchange students from Bremerton's sister city - Kure, Japan - were given a fond and fun-filled farewell at Lion Bob Battin's home on Wednesday, July 20th.  It was very evident that all three of them had a warm and enlightening experience they will never forget, and each expressed regret as they realized it was coming to an end.  The emotions expressed in their goodbye speeches said it all, and somehow I feel that we will meet again.











District Governor John Kirry paid a visit to our club and provided the program for our weekly meeting on September 3rd.  He gave an inspiring message by reminding us that it is very easy to forget about the power that we as Lions have by simply "doing what we do" on an everyday basis, changing countless lives for the better as we go along.  As an example, he related how he asked a former colleague and fellow Lion named Chesley Sullengberger to join hands in a project.  Of course Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger is known throughout the world as the U.S. Airways pilot who saved many lives by successfully landing a crippled airliner on the Hudson River in  2009.  Sully agreed to sign the District Governor's own U.S. Airways Captains hat.  If Lions Clubs International Foundation agrees, the hat will be raffled off with 100% of the proceeds going to LCIF, in the hope that it can be used as a fund-raising focal point in the Lions effort to eradicate measles throughout the world.  The District Governor's message was simply that - with some imagination - we can use our own resources and acquaintances to accomplish more than we may think. 














Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization with more than 1.3 million members in approximately 45,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world.

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