The Lions Motto is “We Serve."  For 92 years our Club's members have followed this mandate through the creation and support of a wide variety of facilities and service projects.

While Sight is the major institutional goal of Lionism, our bylaws also direct us to take an active interest in the Civic, Cultural, Social and Moral Welfare of our community. 

We welcome membership interest from any man or woman of legal majority, good moral character and community reputation who recognizes Lions as a vehicle through which they can make a contribution to the community, expand their acquaintances and make some wonderful friends.

The Lions are the largest service club organization in the world with over 1.5 million members. The members of our club represent all walks of life: employees, business people and retirees -  male and female members.  Though we come from every corner of the social, economic and religious spectrum, we are united in our desire to provide aid and support to those in our community who are in need.  If you are motivated to offer help to your neighbors who can benefit from it, you will find many opportunities for personal fulfillment by joining with us.  


Lions Multiple District 19

Lions District 19C



Salvation Army Bellringers:

On December 9th, our club once again assisted the Salvation Army Bellringing Campaign, this time at all three entrances to Fred Meyer in Bremerton.  In addtion, we continued the annual tradition of leading off the Kitsap Sun Bellringer Fund with a $500 donation.  Past Zone Chair Mike Peterson and Past District Governor Ida Malone were clearly in the Christmas spirit here, with Ida delivering snacks and beverages to all the Lions.


Coffee Oasis Donation:

At the weekly meeting on November 29th, our Charitable Foundation Chairman Ron Morse presented a check for $11,000 to Dan Frederick of Coffee Oasis.  These funds were raised during the Bremerton Central Lions 30th annual Dinner and Auction on October 7th.  The HOPE, Inc. division of Coffee Oasis was the focus of the Auction.  HOPE, Inc. provides job training skills for homeless youth in Kitsap County.


Centennial Legacy Project:

On October 18th, Foundation President Ron Morse presented Parks and Recreation Supervisor Jeff Elevado with the final payment for the Club's Lions Centennial Legacy Project recently erected at Lions Park.  It is a climbing structure designed to provide recreational activity for younger age children - something the Park heretofore did not provide.  On November 1st, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony at Lions Park for the new structure, featuring Foundation President Morse and  Mr. Elevado, as well as King Lion Jim Lamb, Centennial Committee Chairman Margie Torbron, Lion Mayor Patty Lent and City Council Member Pat Sullivan (also a Lion).  A number of club members also attended, in additon to Zone Chair Ginger Shields.  Early reports are that the kids love their new plaything!

King Lion Jim Lamb, Lion Mayor Patty Lent, Legacy Committee Chairman Margie Torbron, Foundation Chairman Ron Morse and Parks and Rec Supervisor Jeff Elevado






Pat Sullivan joins the group.


Zone Chair Ginger Shields, Lions Ron Lund and Ida Malone join the celebration.


Foundation Chairman Ron Morse thanks the workers on the project.





The Annual Dinner and Auction:

On October 7th, The Club's Charitable Foundation crossed another milestone by hosting it's 30th annual Dinner and Auction at the Admiral Theatre.  As usual, the event was fun and very rewarding, not only to the community at large but to this year's central focus:  HOPE, Inc. - the expanding job skills training program for homeless youth in Kitsap County - created by Coffee Oasis, who sponsors a number of programs in our community benefitting our youthful homeless population.    Once again, kudos to the intrepid members of the Club's Dinner and Auction Committee that meet several times each month throughout the year to push the project forward to success each year, and after a few weeks "off", re-start for the following year.


The Catalog Cover



The Action


Auctioneer Ron Hippe


Slug Sales at the Blackberry Fest:

The Club had another  roaring success at their Blackberry Slug booth on the Bremerton Boardwalk during the three days of Labor Day weekend.  Luckily, the weather cooperated and the customers patiently queued up.  Here's a small sample of the action:


Here's the down and dirty part!


Here's the reward!


Kure Sister City Students Visit  Bremerton City Council:


The exchange students from Bremerton's Sister City of Kure, Japan attended a City Council meeting to offer their thanks, accompanied by Lion Mayor Patty Lent and Bremerton Central Lions Sister City Chairman Lon Howard.


Kure Sister City Students Welcome Party:

On July 27th, the three 2017 exchange students from Bremerton's Sister City of Kure, Japan were welcomed at the home of Ed and June Wurden in Brownsville.  The Wurdens are the parents of Lion Julie Jablonski.  The students and their host families are: 

L to R:  Kanon Yamane, Minon Shimooka, Nonoka Fujita.  Hosted by Julie and Tyson Schultz; Heather and Rob Sasaoka; and Andrea and Levi Ernst, respectively.



The Wurdens had plenty of entertainment opportunities for the students but nothing gets started without the cooks from the Club, King Lion Jim Lamb and Mike Peterson. 


Kanon with Julie Schultz - and Silas


Minon with Rob and Heather Sasaoka


Nonoka with Levi Ernst - and Dawn





The farewell party for the students will be held on August 18th at the home of Lion Bob Battin and wife Pam.  They will return home on August 20th.


2017 Banner Passing:

On July 15th, District 19C held their annual Banner Passing event, that commemorates the changing of all the District's offices for the new Lions year.  The proceedings were held at Bremerton's Lions Park for the second consecutive year.  One of our club members was directly involved, as outgoing Zone Chair for Zone C-4 Jim Lamb passed the banner to Ginger Shields.  Jim of course also took the helm as King Lion for our club.  A yummy Bar-B-Que feast was a highlight for everyone, of course.  Here are a few images of the day:



Chowing down before the festivities.



Lion Pat Sullivan explains our club's Centennial Legacy Project at Lions Park to the attendees.


Lion Jim Lamb receives a copy of the winning Lions Peace Poster for 2017 from outgoing District Governor Jan Weatherly.


Lion Jim Lamb (center) passes the Zone C-4 banner to Ginger Shields.


Annual Installation of Officers:

On June 24th, the Bremerton Central Lions Club had it's annual celebration to install the incoming Officers and Board of Directors of the Club for 2017-18.  King Lion Lon Howard passed the gavel and President's pin to Jim Lamb, while Bob Theal and Margie Torbron were installed as First and Second Vice Presidents respectively.   Secretary and Past District Governor Ida Malone, and Treasurer and Past Zone Chair Mike Peterson continue to serve for another year, as does Membership Director Lynn Woodward.

Ron Lund takes over as Lion Tamer while Jim Trull continues to serve as Tail Twister.  Wendy Whitner and Dannette Breeding continue to serve on the Board of Directors and are joined by Patty Glaser and Ron Morse.


Jim Lamb presents an appreciation plaque to Lon Howard for his service as King Lion.


District Governor Jan Weatherly installs the Officers and Board of Directors with a Jeapordy board.


First Annual Beep Ball Game:

On June 3rd, The Bremerton Central Lions teamed with the Peninsula Council of the Blind in hosting a "Beep Softball Game," featuring two sightless teams playing with a softball that beeps when thrown or hit.  The game was played at Lions Park in Bremerton.  Beep Ball is essentially slow pitch softball, but with several twists.  The pitcher and catcher are the only sighted players and both are on the batter's team.  When a batter makes contact with a pitched ball, they run toward a "base" - positioned down the first or third base line - that also beeps after a pitched ball is hit.  The umpire has a remote control that determines which base beeps.  The base is actually a styrofoam stanchion.  If a defensive player gains control of the batted ball before the batter reaches the beeping base, the batter is out - if not, the batter's team is credited with a run.

The game featured a team with all blind players from Seattle, called the Seattle South King Sluggers.  They play in an organized league, and their opposition was provided by an ad hoc assembled local team consisting of members of the Bremerton Police Department and other first responders in the area.  The local team players were required to wear blindfolds whenever they left their dugout to either go hit or take the field.  They were always led to their defensive positions or to home plate, as of course was the case with their sightless opponents.  The ragtag local team played hard but ultimately lost to the Sluggers by a 4-2 score.  The game lasted five innings.  Everyone had great fun and learned much about what life is like without the gift of sight.  The Sluggers plan to make an annual visit to Lions Field.  Here are some images from the wonderful day.

Lion J.R. Kinnison welcomes the fans.


  Lion Pat Sullivan presents the Beep Ball.


Dang !



The base is here somewhere ...


Found it !


The Sluggers are led to their defensive positions.


There's a guy who knows his way to the base !


A great time was had by all !


Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization with more than 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world.

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