Used Eyeglasses Collection

To date, Chambersburg Evening Lions have collected almost 80,000 used eyeglasses, some donated to us by individuals, most donated at one of our collection sites. To provide broader access for those wishing to donate, members have installed 3 large collection boxes for eyeglasses and hearing aids. These are located outside: Grove Family Library, Chambersburg, Ludwick Eye Center, 5th Avenue, Chambersburg, and myeyeDr. on Wayne Avenue in Chambersburg. In addition to the three outdoor collection boxes, inside boxes are located at 10 sites in Chambersburg and Shippensburg. Eyeglass and hearing aid donations are also appreciated at our annual October Pancake Breakfast.

The collected eye wear is sorted and delivered to NJLERC. New Jersey Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Center handles over 1 million donated eyeglasses each year. All types of eyeglasses and sunglasses, strong and weak prescription and non prescription, for adults and children, are accepted. The glasses are cleaned, neutralized, analyzed for Rx strength, packaged and stored for distribution to needy groups and individuals around the world. Donated hearing aids are shipped to Pittsburgh for recycling to those in need.

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