HANDS  (Helpful Acts Not Dollars Solely)

This local Club program has a commitment to undertake at least one project each month involving member participation which aids a needy individual or organization, in the community, through services not dollars solely.

Tasks performed have included: trash and leaf pickup, landscaping includinig weeding and mulching, painting, child eye screening, Salvation Army bell ringing, transportation to appointments, ramp building project, and tree planting.

Recipients have included:

Animal Shelters
Area Nursing Homes
Beacon Lodge (Lions Blind Camp)
Boro Parks
Capital Theatre
Children's Aid Society
Community Theater
Council of the Arts
Finance Assistance Center
Francis Leiter Center
Habitat for Humanity
Franklin County Libraries
Salvation Army
State Parks
Therapeutic Riding Center
Totem Pole Playhouse
TRUCE Program
Women in Need

Beacon Lodge Annual Work Day

This is an annual Saturday event in which our members work on a Saturday at the Lion-supported camp near Mt. Union.


Highway Clean Up

Club has assumed responsibility for clean-up of Route 30 from Sollenbeger Road to Obsidian Drive. and will send out a cleanup crew 2-3 times per year.





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