Chartered 2011

The Colborne and District Lions Club is now official. Its 24 members were welcomed and the club was officially chartered at a ceremony and dinner on April 2, 2011 attended by about 125 people.


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Notice From the Admin

In order to reduce clutter on the main page, I have decided to add an "Archived News" page. It can be accessed from the sidebar on the left. After the first post of each new year, the previous years' entries will be moved to this page. Unfortunately, formatting of posts sometimes does not transition smoothly. Because of this, some archived posts may look a bit less polished than the main page posts. Apologies in advance for such circumstances. I believe this to be the best balance between preserving club history and inproving viewer experience. 

Remembrance Day - Multifaceted Lions

On November 11, some members of the Colborne and District Lions Club participated in the Colborne Remembrance Day ceremonies. Many of our members wear many hats to serve and interact with the community in different ways. Our club benefits from these different perspectives and experiences.

From left to right:

Lion Jim Peters (representing the Colborne Masonic Lodge), Lion Sherrill Richmond, Lion Chris Parbery (who doesn't have a vest; instead he wears a Lions polo which obviously can't be seen here), Lion Kim Carr (representing the Colborne Legion Branch 187), Lion Rick Richmond (representing the Colborne Masonic Lodge), and Lion Wendy Carr.

November 5 Meeting

On November 5, the Colborne Lions played host to District Governor Frank Hewitt. In his address, he talked about the importance of Lionism at all levels, from the international president all the way down to the club and individual member level. He praised our campaigns and events over the past year, saying that these things were important for spreading the messages and ideals of Lionism. In addition, and in true Lion Frank fashion, there was a lot of lighthearted joking around and ribbing between him and many of our members.

Lion Frank also gave out Lion Whisperer awards to some members of our group:

Lion Jim Peters

Lion Kim Carr

Lion Judi Eakins

October 15 Meeting

On October 15, the Colborne and District Lions held a meeting. Our usual members, with our usual discussion. We had a very fun and unique Tail Twister activity. Lion Anja acted as a lady from Paris selling her wares. The catch was, she didn't understand yes or no, and she didn't understand black or white. So we had to try and buy items off of her without saying "yes", "no", "black", or "white". Variations like "sure", "nope", and "nuh-uh" we also not allowed. If we broke the rules, she'd honk a bicycle horn at us and collect our fine. The trick was that she would word her questions in such a way as to drive us to a yes/no or black/white answer.

If I can speak for a moment here, I will say that the activity was very fun and surprisingly difficult. You don't realize how much you say yes or no especially.

Our guest speakers were from Helping Hands Northumberland. As for what they do, I will directly quote the meeting's minutes as written by Lion Kim:

They are a group which use recycled materials and re-use items. Some items they make are milk bag mats, flannel sheets to make diapers and pillowcase dresses also using men’s shirts. They collect kitchen items for New Beginnings as well as items such as hard candies for malnourished children in 3rd world countries. They prefer their items to remain locally but also ship items to Northern Reservations and 17 different countries. They knit things like sweaters, hats, izzy dolls, teddy bears and twiddle cuffs & slippers for nursing homes and hospitals. They also collect unopened medication for Central America.

A picture of their presentation is below. If anybody would like to contact them to set up donations or to have items picked up for donation (if you or your club can't easily get to Cobourg or Rice Lake), they can be contacted by email at (not a link; you'll have to copy and paste) or by phone at 289-252-2020.

October 1 Zone Meeting

On October 1, the Colborne and District Lions hosted a zone meeting. As such, discussions amongst the club members about Colborne club affairs was kept to a minimum. The attendees enjoyed a fun night as we discussed various Lions ventures. A lot of the more "macro" topics were covered during the orientation meeting (such as Lions activities concerning diabetes, dog guides, Lionism, etc.) but were presented at the zone meeting in order to inform members who may have missed the orientation day. The meeting was highlighted by Colborne Club tail twister Anja Guignon's activity, where we each had to talk to five other Lions who we had never met before and find out something about them. As well, we couldn't say the same thing twice to those inquiring us. So we couldn't give five answers of "my favourite colour is blue". Certain... esteemed Lions had difficulty finding members that they had not yet met. But overall it went smoothly.

The second major topic outside typical Lion large-scale meeting discussions was the campaign of Dr. Patti Hill of Edmonton, who is striving to become the 3rd Vice President of Lions International. Needless to say, getting her elected would be an enormous boost to "The Voice of Lions in Canada". And as Canadians, we should strive to make ourselves heard internationally and pour on the votes for her. Lion John Whyte of Wellington Lions Club made the pitch and passed out informational pamphlets on the matter. As well, he showed us pins that could be purchased to assist Lion Patti in her campaign, as travelling internationally for any reason becomes pricy.

Below are photos taken from the meeting. I will update them with captions once I can ensure that my information is accurate. I would rather write no caption than in incorrect one.

Lions Orientation Day at Trenton Lions Club

On September 29, a handful of members from the Colborne and District Lions joined with other Lions Clubs in the area for an orientation day held in Trenton. There were many different presentations on the aspects of Lionism and what it means to be a Lion. Our gracious hosts also fed us a lovely lunch of beef soup and sandwiches, which was a personal highlight of the day despite its lack of "imparted knowledge" compared to the other things happening that day.

Below are some pictures taken during presentations. I do not know whose head is prominently featured in these shots, but they were a great subject nonetheless. I will be updating these photos with captions as soon as I am able to.

Second Annual Vintage Guitar and Instrument Sale

A message from the admin: My apologies for the significant delay in posting this update. I was out of the country almost immediately after this event for about a week. After I came back home, I was busy with other things that needed doing. But now, without further delay, you can all finally enjoy the pictures of the event!

On September 1, the Colborne and District Lions Club hosted their second annual Vintage Guitar and Instrument Sale. This was an immense success last year, and as such we decided that it would be a good idea to make it annual (at least for now). We can confidently say that it was even more successful this year. We had many more vendors, to the point where we could barely fit them all in the Colborne Curling Club's ice surface. At our most recent meeting, we discussed moving the event to a larger venue (namely, the Keeler Centre), but we didn't make a concrete decision. This is because the member that spearheads this event was unable to attend the meeting, and we didn't want to make any decisions without first hearing their input.

But enough of the boring bureaucratic stuff. People want to see pictures, and pictures they shall have:

This is a shot down the length of the venue showing most of the vendors (some were a bit late, but we accomodated them all the same). This was taken just before we opened the doors to the public.

This was the setup of Riverside Music out of Trenton, who was our "flagship" vendor so to speak.

A small contingent of Lions ready to serve up food to the public.

This was a shot of the event from the curling club's lounge room overlooking the people milling about. On a side note, the lounge room was much less "lounge-y" than usual since we took all of the tables and chairs out to the ice surface to accomodate the sheer number of vendors.

Some shots up and down the venue showing the vendors chatting with the public. There were many, many neat guitars for sale among the tables. Every skill level was catered to. Some vendors had beginner guitars at very inexpensive prices, and this expense scale went all the way up to a 1950s Fender Stratocaster valued at $42000.

My one regret is that I didn't get a picture of the winner of the door prize. You see, at this event, the Lions have a system where we will watch a vendor's table so that they can go use the washroom or get a hot dog (or just stretch their legs; we don't judge). When the winner was drawn, I was watching someone's table and chatting with a customer of theirs that had stopped by. But I am told that the winner had come with the intent of picking up a guitar so that they could learn how to play. So, really, it couldn't have gone better than that!

In the end, we had another supremely successful event. It had seen a ton of growth from our first year in 2017. In fact, as previously mentioned, it has grown so much that we feel it's time to make use of a larger venue. Preliminary discussions are taking place to use the hockey ice surface at the Keeler Centre in Colborne, which would provide us with more than double the space we would have at the curling club. So stay tuned for updates on next year's guitar sale!

Castleton Corn Roast - Pictures

On August 26, the Colborne Lions helped to host the annual Castleton Corn Roast at the Castleton Sports Club fields. Residents enjoyed hot dogs, fries, and, of course, corn. Live musical entertainment was provided by the Colborne Library Ukelele group and by local musician Michael Tremblay. The Castleton Sports Club also had a slo-pitch softball tournament going on. Additional things to enjoy included an activities area set up by the Cramahe Fire Department, a kids play area with bubble blowers and other outdoor toys, and carriage rides.

Dedication to Lion Frits Scheltema

On August 16, the Colborne Lions formally unveiled the new plaque honouring Lion Frits Scheltema, who passed away last year. He was instrumental in the project that brought the new flagpole and flag to the Colborne Cenotaph in the park.


Castleton Corn Roast

On Sunday, August 26, the Colborne Lions will be at the annual Castleton Corn Roast. There will be live music performances and, of course, corn. For the first time, this event will take place at the Castleton Sports Fields next to Northumberland Hills Public School.

Guitar and Instrument Sale - Revised Poster

I was asked (long ago...) to upload the corrected version of the Colborne Lions Vintage Guitar and Instrument Sale poster. Here it is below:

We have new and exciting updates for the event being posted on our Facebook page for the event:

The Last Month of the Lions Year

June marked the end of the Colborne Lions meetings for a few months. As such, we had our last formal meeting on June 4 with the installation of next year's cabinet:

The installation was done by Region Chair Elect Mark Kelso. We also had a fun and spirited last hurrah with the tail twister activities with our friends from the Trenton Lions club, as our outgoing tail twister Eileen Coombs became a target for human ring toss:

We also extended our sincere thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Colborne Legion Branch 187 for their service in providing our dinners each and every Lions meeting:

The Colborne Lions club also received their award for second place in the Visitation Contest for visits by a club to other clubs.

Along that same topic, Lion Wendy Carr received her certificate for most visits to other clubs by an individual Lion.

Our year end wrap-up party came one week later, when we gathered at The Big Apple for a pizza dinner. We celebrated our successes for the year and expressed our optimism for Lions things to come. It was at this meeting that we awarded the Doug Galt Lion of the Year Award to Sherrill Richmond, who helped out with pretty much every event we did during this past year, as well as a ton of things behind the scenes otherwise.

I have also been asked to pass along the info for this year's Guitar and Instrument Sale. Last year was a tremendous success, so we're anticipating even better things this year. Anyway, the info as promised:

"This event raised close to $3000 for Dog Guides in just its opening year in 2017.  We feature a beautiful Canadian-made  LG Signature Godin guitar as a Silent Auction Item, showcasing it as a home-grown instrument that is used, but in amazing shape and ready to play.   We obtained this guitar through the wonderful folks at Long and McQuade in Cobourg, who are going to sponsor another auction item for this year!   We vet this guitar through Long and McQuade and another respected local Luthier  who specializes in vintage electric guitars to ensure all its parts are in great working order, and give it a 3 month warranty to the winner.   This year’s 2006 model Godin  has a gorgeous tiger maple butterscotch finish and the unusual feature of locking tuners for tight tuning control.  

The vendors pay only $25 to sell anything they want in musical items, gear, guitars, or any other instrument, new or used. Last year we had items ranging from CDs for a buck or two to a $45,000 custom made Mosrite guitar, and lots of items in-between.  The effect for musicians is that of a “candy store” of cool vintage, used or new instruments and gear, so there are lots of people that just come in for a look.  Admission is only $5 per person, so it is a fun way to spend a bit of time in Colborne on a Saturday morning.

The Lions will have plenty of sausages and hot dogs barbecuing, and there are musicians playing for anyone who wants to just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.   For the vendors, we keep it really friendly and easy to manage.  We provide Canadian flags for each table, so that if a vendor wants to take a break, look around, or follow an expensive guitar to a secure trial area to showcase its features, they just have to “raise the flag”.  One of our Lion members will take over their table while they take care of a major sale or just take a break. 

A fun and friendly event for the Labour Day weekend!"

Greetings Lions! It has been a while since the last update. The admin has been busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. And his computer bit the dust, meaning he had to spend a lot of time getting a new one set up. But all is well now, and updates can finally be posted once again. For the last month, the Colborne and District Lions have been quite busy doing the following:

Mother's Day Breakfast

On Mother's Day, some of the Colborne Lions volunteered to serve breakfast at the Colborne Legion. Due to our intended photographer being... less than technologically capable, we had to rely on Google Assistant to take a photo of us.

Donation to Camp Lift

On May 21, the Colborne Lions made a donation to Camp Lift, which is a program run by the Colborne & Cramahe Fire Department for girls aimed at promoting positive self-esteem and positive goals. The program was a great success last year, and we imagine that it'll be even better this year.

Apple Blossom Tyme Festival

On May 26-27, the Colborne Lions helped run events at the Colborne Apple Blossom Tyme Festival. We ran a MusicCafe indoors, which was just a place for people to gather and watch the live entertainment, and the Walk for Dog Guides, which helped to raise money for the Canadian guide dog program. The Walk especially is a prominent activity for the Colborne Lions, and one of our prime examples of philanthropy that we like to display to other clubs.

The Colborne & Cramahe Fire Department helping us fill the cooldown pool for the dogs.

E-Waste Recycling

From April 21-28, the Colborne Lions will have an electronics waste container at the South Works Yard, located at 28 Victoria St. in Colborne. You can drop off any used electronics lying around your house taking up space. These will then be sent away to be properly recycled. However, we cannot take anything containing freon. So no dehumidifiers or old fridges. We even have a protocol in place for dead batteries. In addition to all of this, you can drop off used clothing.

April 7 Roadside Cleanup

On April 7, the Colborne and District Lions Club participated in a roadside cleanup event in our community. We went along County Road 21 between Colborne and Brighton and picked up loads of garbage from the ditches. Pictures of the day are below:

Upcoming Events and Other Lions Activities

Roadside Cleanups: On April 7, the Colborne Lions will engage in a much needed cleanup of County Road 21. Then, on April 21, they will partake in a roadside cleanup of County Road 41.

E-Waste: Between April 21-28, there will be a bin for residents of Colborne and the surrounding area to drop off dead, outdated, or otherwise unwanted electronics for safe and proper disposal/re-use.

Lions Learning Day: Although the Colborne Lions are not running it, some will be participating in the Lions Learning Day activities in Havelock on April 28.

Apple Blossom Tyme Festival: On May 26-27, Colborne will be hosting its annual Apple Blossom Tyme Festival. This is a town-wide event with some things downtown, and the bulk of activities and vendors on the grounds of the Keeler Centre. The Lions will be hosting a MusiCafé, and the details of this will be made available once they are finalized. As well, the Lions will be in charge of the Purina Walk for Dog Guides, which starts on the Keeler Centre grounds and takes walkers on a route through the town. The Dog Guide Walk is always a flagship undertaking for the Colborne Lions Club in particular.

Zone Meeting at Colborne

On Monday, March 5, the Colborne and District Lions Club played host to members from various clubs in Zone 43S as we met for our latest zone meeting. Prior to the meeting, each club was asked to provide one struggle and one success of their club for discussion amongst everyone. Colborne's struggle, for instance, was a likely possibility that our orientation was insufficient or was otherwise unable to properly explain exactly what it means to be a Lion. Our success was being able to partner with other groups in the area and use our combined numbers and ideas to run good events and other endeavours in the community.

Music in the Square

Despite rumours to the contrary, Music in the Square will be returning to Colborne this year. Details will be shared when they become available.

Wellington Trip

On January 24, a group of Colborne Lions visited the Wellington Lions Club for their Chase Away the Winter Blues gathering. It was a dinner and meeting themed around summer and vacation. They discussed their club's business and plans moving forward. We would like to extend our thanks to the Wellington Lions and their president John Whyte for the fun time.

Canada 150 Draw

Also on Jan. 15, our club drew the first winners of our Canada 150 Draw. This draw consists of 150 tickets presold last year. Three winners are drawn each month, winning $40, $30, and $30 respectively. Then their tickets are put back into the draw for next month. So it's technically possible to win a bunch of times! In December, there is a single draw for $1000.

Our First Proper Meeting of 2018

On Jan. 15, we held our first proper club meeting of 2018. This occasion was marked by the rare occurance of two guest speakers. First was Barrie Wood from the Colborne Art Gallery, who talked about their new exhibit: Paddle, Sail, and Steam. This exhibit highlights the history of the great lakes regions through the lens of watercraft. Our second speaker was Carly Cunningham from the Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre in Cobourg. Her discussion educated us on the processes, costs, benefits, and legacy of the centre. She even had a story to share with us about a former client of theirs that saw a successful life turnaround with them.

Barrie Wood (Colborne Art Gallery)

Carly Cunningham (Cornerstone)

December Festivities

A bit of fun news that somehow escaped last month's updates was the Dec. 4 Festive Meeting, where we hosted District Governor Bill Zwier, his wife Linda, and members of the Brighton and Trenton Lions Clubs for a relaxed gathering. We had festive-themed snacks and drinks, and were entertained by the Colborne Library Ukelele Band.

As well, on Dec. 18, we had our annual club Christmas party at the Peters household. This was meant as just a fun get-together to celebrate the year as a club without all the usual "business talk" of club meetings. We had a white elephant gift exchange that saw heated competition and rampant white elephant theft over pairs of hand-knitted socks. Also, we threw inflatable rings at our Club President in the name of revenge festive fun.

In June 2017, a new Administrator was named for the Colborne and District Lions E-Clubhouse page. Due to circumstances, updates had not been posted here for quite some time prior to this change. Therefore, there is a large gap between the last events posted and the events that will be posted from here on out. We are a busy club though! Be sure of that!

Additional 2017 events and activities will be added to the homepage and the Calendar page when more details are available.


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