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The fine print:

Remember to order early, as you might guess, the PGA provides us with a limited quantity of discount tickets. Mailing tickets takes 2-4 days. I am working each day of the event (including Wednesday), which means extra delays. If ordering after Monday Feb 2 (assuming we still have discount tickets), you will need to make special arrangements with me prior to ordering or risk not receiving your tickets. Per PGA rules, we can NOT deliver you your tickets at or near the event. Picking up your tickets at my home in Solana Beach after 6 pm, will be the most viable option. We want to help, but there is only so much we can do.

You are not required to have or use a PayPal account to purchase tickets. The above credit cards are accepted.

Your tickets will be mailed to you using first class mail, unless you specify differently under "special instructions for seller" at check out. Please keep in mind the US mail takes 2-4 days to arrive.

If you have questions, please contact:

John Page - Del Sol Lions Treasurer


Chip-in for Charity discount tickets come with the same event access as $50 Adult Any Day tickets purchased at the Farmers Open website or on-site ticket booth. Both tickets do NOT include parking. Please see the Farmers Open website for your parking options. Free bike parking valet service provided by the San Diego County Bike Coalition, as well as special VIP entrance at the Hilton.

The PGA and the Farmers Insurance Open teams, request you call us, not their ticket offices regarding your Chip-in for Charity ticket purchase. All aspects of the Chip-in for Charity program can be viewed at

Tickets are also valid for Wednesday Feb 4, for the Pro - Am, but we reccommend purhasing directly from the PGA, as those tickets (Adult Preview Day) are only $20.

100% of all funds raised by our Lions Club or donations to our Lions Club go back to the local community.

Thank you and enjoy the event!


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