ON 14th NOVEMBER 2018

Present at Meeting:

President: Margaret Purcell

Members: Denis Bowker, Peter Davies, Stuart Gratrix, Pamela Hamilton, Margaret Harris, David Howie, Susan Howie, Donald Macdonald,

Ann McLoughlin, Paul Keirby, Rachel Smith, Fred Riley, Mary Ann Woodman, James Woods

The President, Lion Margaret Purcell opened the Meeting and welcomed all the Members present. After initially opening the Meeting the President later offered a warm welcome to the four invited guests who had arrived a little later than expected, due to problems with the traffic. The four guests were PDG Mike Davies, Lion President Alan Wilde, Lion Jackie Sorfleet and Lion Viv Marcus.

Apologies for Absence: Val Barton, Ian Clare, Sue Holmes, Barbara Woodman

Minutes The Members confirmed that they had all received a copy of the Minutes of the previous Meeting.

Proposed by: Mary Ann Woodman

Seconded by: Susan Howie

Approved by all

President’s Report Margaret Purcell

President Margaret said she had had a very enjoyable but busy month. She told the Members about the numerous events she had attended on behalf of the Club:

13th October: Attended Extraordinary Convention with Lions Val and Mary Ann. Very proud of Mary Ann who did an excellent Presentation. Met up with and chatted to Lions who would be in our new District.

16th October: Attended a Wash Up Meeting at Lion Jim Woods’ house to make sure everything was “on track” for Charter.

17th October: Visited with Lion Ian Clare. He is more mobile, but still has swollen feet. The President said she was proud of the way the Club was rallying round Ian to make sure he had all the help he needed.

18th October: Did the monthly Beach Clean with Lions Stuart, Fred and Dave. The next Beach Clean was the next day, which would take place, weather permitting.

21st October: Attended Windermere Charter with Lions Val Barton and Jim Woods and his wife Pauline. Met up with Lion Members from France.

23rd October: Attended Activities Meeting at Lion Val’s house. There are plenty of activities in the pipeline.

24th October: Attended the Lions Social at the Marine Hall, Fleetwood. The Show was “Annie”. Thanks to Lions Ann and Pamela for organising.

28th October: Attended Leyland Charter with Lion Denis. The parking was a nightmare, we ended up near the dustbins!! Then the wine waited knocked my glass over me – but replaced my drink for free!! The evening did get better, when I won first prize in the raffle.

8th November: Attended a Spear Head Meeting for Fleetwood Civic Society with Lion Stuart with a view to a “Celebrate Fleetwood Day” next May.

10th November: Charter Night. Fabulous night. A massive Thank You to all those involved in the organisation. Thanks also to everyone who helped to put me at ease. A truly memorable evening.

11th November. Laid a Wreath at Fleetwood Cenotaph with Lion Fred and his wife Linda.

Secretary’s Report Denis Bowker

Lion Denis told the meeting about his recent visits to see Lion Ian Clare. He had taken Ian to get himself a pair of shoes to aid his walking with swollen ankles. The shoes had cost £86. Ian had originally thought of getting two pairs – but changed his mind!!

Lion Denis also told the meeting about the DG Newsletter, and the Weekly Digests with news and dates around the District.

Lion Denis told the Meeting he had attended Leyland Charter with the President, Margaret, and had also attended the Service of Remembrance in Poulton with Lions, Stuart and Mary Ann.

The Club had received an Invitation to Kirkham Lions Charter in January.

Also he had received three emails re new District 105 CN. And there was reference to GDPR Invite to Llandudno Charter Communication

Activities Report Val Barton

In the absence of Lion Val, there was little to report. However, the Meeting was informed that “Aiming Higher” the Principle Charity for the Swimmarathan in 2019 had been on the news. The news items referred to the fact that the Charity existed solely on donations, with some support from Blackpool Corporation. The Charity had also received some funding from the Lottery.

LCIF Ian Clare

In his absence Lion Ian had notified the President of the following which he had recently received:

In support of Lions Clubs International Foundation’s (LCIF) Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service, we are releasing reports that display LCIF donation data in real time. The reports will be similar to the association service and membership reports that were released last year.

Summary information is available in the LCIF Donations dashboard and details to the club level can be found in the LCIF Donations drilldown report. Information on how to access and use the reports can be found in the Real Time Reports Guide. A Frequently Asked Questions document is also available.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see the value of these tools in the achievement of our Campaign 100 goals. You will be kept informed as additional real-time reports become available.

Welfare Report Margaret Harris

Before reading her Welfare Report, Lion Margaret read out a letter which she had written to the Club, thanking everyone for nominating her for the MJF Award recently given. Lion Margaret said she had been overwhelmed and at the same time humbled at being honoured in this way.

With regard to her Welfare Report, Lion Margaret told the Club that she had had numerous requests for financial help, as follows:

Thornton House: Visited with Lion Pamela at Thornton House. They want to set up a “Dementia Garden” for residents. Need financial help to buy plants, garden furniture etc. This could be “left over” until the New Year in view of other more pressing requests.

Christmas Dinner for the elderly and isolated – We have given financial aid for this over the past few years. The dinner will be at Manor Beach School on the 18th December. The Members voted in favour of giving £100. This was proposed, seconded and approved by all present.

Emma Sylvester on behalf of CAB. Help for destitute people. It was resolved that no action be taken with regard to this request.

Mustard Seed Group. They had asked for money, or gifts. It was proposed seconded and approved by all present that £100 should be given.

Defibrillators. This is very complex. It was agreed that this be left in abeyance until more information could be obtained.

Click Sergeant – in memory of Sir Malcolm Sergeant. Wetherspoons support this. It was decided by the Members that the Club could donate a Hamper in the New Year with the specific intention of giving all the money raised to Wetherspoons for Click Sergeant.

Women’s Refuge. The Members agreed that this was a worthy cause and had been supported by the Club on numerous occasions in the past. It was proposed, seconded and approved by the Members that £250 be donated.

Diabetic UK. Diabetes Awareness Day. It was felt that the Club should hold a Diabetes Awareness Day in the New Year. In the meantime more information could be obtained.

Past District Governor Mike Davies

PDG Mike first congratulated Lion Margaret Harris on receiving the MJF Award at Charter. This Award was richly deserved, Margaret had worked hard for Fleetwood & Cleveleys Lions over a long number of years.

He also spoke about Diabetes Awareness Day, and what it entailed. People will be able to find out if they have diabetes by a simple test, which does not involve a pin prick. Diabetes affects many people in all walks of life. Any age, any lifestyle.

PDG Mike also thanked the Club for the invitation to the meeting tonight which he and his fellow guests had enjoyed enormously. Also wanted to mention Zone Chairman Lion Mary Ann’s contribution to the Convention at Warrington – she did a marvellous job. Well Done.

Almoner’s Report Paul Keirby

Lion Paul had a few members to mention in his Report.

Rachel – It was good to see Rachel present at the Meeting that evening. She had recently been in hospital and Paul had sent flowers and a card. Paul had also been to visit Rachel – she wasn’t in at the time but he had met with Rachel’s husband.

Barbara Woodman – Barbara had recently had major surgery. She had been discharged from hospital and Paul had been planning a visit that week, but unfortunately Barbara had been taken back into hospital, so his visit had had to be postponed. Paul will visit her as soon as she is fit.

Ian Clare – Ian continues to improve, although his ankles are still swollen. A number of Lions visit with Ian regularly – so he has continuous contact with the Club.

Charter Night – 10th November 2018

The Charter Night was a resounding success. Everyone had said what a super night it had been, and some even went so far as to say “it was the best Charter ever”!! What praise. Congratulations must go to President Margaret and her team for all their hard work.

Social Report Ann McLoughlin

Lion Ann reported that the visit to the Marine Hall for the Show “Annie” had been a success. The next Social would be the Christmas Dinner at the Regal Hotel, Cleveleys on the 19th December. Lion President Margaret thought it would be a good idea to ask the Mayor and Mayoress of Wyre to attend, in view of the fact that they had had to cancel the Charter Night due to a family bereavement. The Members all agreed that the Mayor and Mayoress be invited.

Publicity Stuart Gratrix

Lion Stuart said there was very little to report, although there had been some publicity in that there had been an article about “the old folk on the ferry”!!! It was pointed out to the Meeting that there had been some concern about the quality of the photos that had been sent to the Press. If photos are not totally clear, they will not be printed.

Health and Safety Mary Ann Woodman

Nothing to Report

Membership Peter Davies

It was agreed by the Meeting that Lion Steve Morley should be dropped from the list of Members. The question of Lion Susan Holmes was also raised, and it was agreed that Lion Pamela should contact her to see what the present position was. Ultimately it was intended that Lion Susan should transfer back to Rochdale when her property had been sold.

Youth Peter Davies

Lion Peter said there was nothing to report. However, he was responding to information with regard to the Memorial Park.

Talking Newspaper Date of next Meeting: 19th November 2018

Lion Paul told the Meeting that there had been a problem with regard to the machine. Lion Mary Ann said she would contact N-Vision to make sure that the problem with the machine would be sorted before the next Meeting.

Tail Twister Fred Riley

Collected from those who had “sinned”

Wine Raffle Rachel Smith

60s Club (1) Brian Robinson (2) Val Barton

The 60s Club – anyone can join – There are Two winners every month = £15 and £10

Supporting the 60s Club helps keep the subs down each year.




Diary Dates

17th November Birchwood Charter

19th November Zone Meeting

12th December Business Meeting

12th December (+ week) Christmas Hamper Raffles

19th December Christmas Dinner at Regal Hotel

19th January 2019 Kirkham Charter

23rd February 2019 Llandudno Charter

Date of next Meeting: 12th December 2018


Fred Riley Mentioned Christmas Tree project

Pamela Hamilton Thanked Members for paying for Christmas meal on the 19th Decr.

Peter Davies Mentioned Christmas Float

Donald Macdonald Said he thought the Charter Night was the “best ever”. Best short speeches, best entertainment. Really enjoyed it.

Jackie Sorfleet Thoroughly enjoyed the Meeting.

James Woods Thanked the guests for coming over and attending Meeting

Rachel Smith Thanked the Members for the flowers which she had received during her illness – they really cheered her up

Mary Ann Woodman Nothing to report, other than to thank Members for all their hard work during the year.

Susan Howie Thoroughly enjoyed first Charter Night, also told members she had attended the Remembrance Service at Thornton with Lions

Dave, Paul and Pamela

Alan Wilde Apologised for arriving late to the Meeting

Mike Davies Said what good work the Beach Clean was – keep it up!!

Nothing to Report from the remaining Members present at the Meeting

Lions Toast Lions Clubs International

Close of Meeting 9.25 pm.






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