The Haliburton & District Lions Club was chartered in 1978 and their sponsoring club was the Oak Ridges Lions Club.  Our name implies that we serve an area larger than the village of Haliburton and that would be correct.  Our service area is huge ranging from Stanhope in the west to Cardiff in the east and includes the communities of Stanhope, West Guilford, Haliburton, Wilberforce, Harcourt, Cardiff and Highland Grove. 

We belong to District A-16 of Multiple District A and we are the most northerly club in the district.  District A-16 is divided into four regions and Haliburton lies within Region 52, Zone 52 north.

Throughout our history, the Lions of Haliburton have come to be known for their steadfast work to help those in need and also for being strong community-minded citizens.

The communities we serve are diverse in nature.  Haliburton County has the dubious honour of having the second lowest socio-economic standing in Ontario.  Thus a large part of our mandate is to support those who are in constant need for a helping hand.  Additionally, a growing segment of our population is seniors and Haliburton is quickly becoming a retirement community as well.  Each spring, summer and fall, a huge influx of seasonal resident swells our numbers and both service clubs and local businesses rely on those residents for financial support to last throughout the winter months.

Haliburton is also an arts community and boasts of one of the more dynamic Arts Councils in Ontario.  The Haliburton Lions have been solid supporters of the Arts Council and have played an integral part in the development of the Artists in the Schools’ Program.  There are four elementary and one secondary school within our service area and a large portion of our fundraising goes to supporting the youth in our communities.

The bulk of our service work is devoted to our local communities but we also recognize that we form part of a global village.  Within our own district, we support our Lions Clubs’ Camp Kirk, a summer camp for children with learning disabilities.  We partner with the Friends of the Learning Disabled to provide quality recreation for about 120 children each summer. The children come to this camp from not only Ontario, but also from the United States and occasionally from countries outside of North America.  Within Haliburton County, is the Dorset Lions’ Dialysis Camp and we contribute to that worthy cause as well. Haliburton Lions are also strong supporters of such international causes as LCIF, Campaign Sightfirst I and II and Sleeping Children around the World.


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