Hoodsport Lions Club

The following is a list of some of the projects that the Hoodsport Lions Club supports as a result of our fund raisers and donations from people like you.


1. Once a year our club has a sight and hearing screening for school children. Our club screens at the McCleary School as Hood Canal Lions have the Hood Canal School. We screened about 230 children in McCleary and gave dictionaries to the third grade class.

2. Camp Leo for Children with Diabetes is dedicated to providing an overnight camping experience for children with Type 1 diabetes where diabetes is the NORM rather than the EXCEPTION! Camp Leo creates a safe and secure environment where children can have fun away from home, meet other children with diabetes, learn about their disease, and gain independence essential for living a healthy and happy life.  Camp Leo..........  

3. Puget Sound Honor Flight..... 

4. Measles (one shot one life)....  

5. Project New Hope......for Veterans of all wars.   

6. Northwest Lions Foundation.....

7. VETERANS BBQ--- November 8, 2014 a very successful Veterans BBQ lunch was served to Veterans from all wars and their families, in all we served about 125 people. In attendence were two WWll Veterans, they told of their roles in the war. The event was held at the Hoodsport Firehall.



8. Our club supplied three pair of eyeglasses & helped pay for a hearing aid for community members.


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