The Jeffersontown Lions Club's first meeting was May 10,1966. Charter night was June 21, 1966. The sponsor club was the Fern Creek Lions Club and the District Governor was Arthur Frankenhausen of the Downtown Lions Club.

1967-68: The first project of the club was purchasing and planting shrubs in the town square of Jeffersontown.

1968-69: Started Monte Carlo's as a fund raising project, which has become our major source of income.

1969-70: Meetings held at the Jeffersontown Community Center. Helped organize annual Fair to raise funds for the Jeffersontown Community.

1970-71 We moved our meeting place to the Jeffersontown Library and purchased a 16mm movie-sound projector and screen for library.

1971-72: We provided the "seed" money to help the J-Town Little League recondition it's playing field at the Community Center. Today over 900 kids annually use the complex that this effort started.

In 1972-73: The club purchased a Titmus Vision Testing machine, which is used for checking eyesight of children in various areas schools. We also started a supply of large print books at the Library.

1974-75: Money was given to the J-Town Community Center to remodel the restrooms, and an electric typewriter was purchased for the library.

1975-76 The club erected playground equipment in the Mini-Park developed by the club on city owned land off Galene Drive.

1977-78: Ches Wheeler was elected to serve as District Governor of 43N. He was the first Governor from the Jeffersontown Club.

1978-79: A climbing net and gym equipment was purchased for use at the Roberta Tully Special: Education School. Also, two pieces of recording equipment were supplied to "Recording for the Blind';

1979-80: Additional books and equipment were purchased for the Library. 1980-81: Bought two receivers for the KRlS program (Radio News Service for the

1981-82 Refurbished the Lions Window display at Freedom Hall

1982-83: With the help of several other clubs, we purchased a special computerized wheelchair for a quadriplegic.

1983-84: Donated folding chairs to Senior Citizen's organization
1984-85: Sponsored a Glaucoma clinic in Jeffersontown. Gave funds to the Recording

for the Blind for purchasing a reference book"

1985-86 Painted meeting room in Library

1986-87: Started the Jeffersontown Lion's Club annual scholarship award of $1,OOO.OO for a Jeffesontown High School student.

1987-88: Jeffersontown Club was one of the first clubs to invite women as members. 1988-89: Contributed $1,000.00 to the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation Building Fund.

1989-90: Celebrated our 25th Anniversary.

1990-91: Started the "Cherished Image Contest". Asked each Elementary School in the J-Town area to have their kids write an essay on, what they would miss most if they lost their eyesight. Awards of Savings Bonds were given to each winner.

1991-92: Started High Vision-Games for the Jefferson County visually impaired students held at Hawthorne Elementary School. Now it is an annual event.

1992-93: Gave $8,000 00 to International Lions Club's Sight First Program for the prevention of blindness in third world countries.

1993-94: Through the High Tech Fund we purchased a computer for a visually impaired Jeffersontown student. The cost was $2,640.00.

1994-95: Donated $3,000.00 to help relocate a blind girl from New York to Jeffersontown.

1995-96: The Jeffersontown Club with 5 other clubs purchased Lions Camp Crescendo to be used as a summer camp for both visually impaired and hearing impaired youths. Total purchase price was $900jOOO.00.

1996-97: First camp held for visually and hearing impaired children for Lions Camp Crescendo.

1997-98: Members donated material and time to the repair of Lions Camp Crescendo. Raatz Fence Company replaced fence around the swimming pool, and Derby City Vending provided meals for workers.

1998-99. Started a bingo every Friday night to help payoff mortgage for Lions Camp Crescendo

Over the years the club has supplied leadership to the Lions state organizations

One Governor
Two Regional Chairmen
 Four Zone Chairmen
 Four Eye Trustees for the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation.

The Jeffersontown club has received the District Service award 14 times. The award is given to the club which best accomplishes the Lion's motto "We Serve".

For eleven consecutive years we sponsored a Christmas party at the Roberta B. Tully Special School for children with special needs. The party included refreshments and a visit from Santa. The annual party ended with the change of the school's function by the school board.

Starting in 1974 our club sponsored a team in the Jeffersontown Little League. It was discontinued mainly because we were not asked in recent years.

For years we obtained tickets to the Kentucky-Indiana All Star basketball game, which we gave to Spring Meadows Orphans Home. This was discontinued when game was moved to Lexington

The major function of the club over the years has been to help people with eyesight problems. Numerous eyeglasses and doctor's visits have been paid for by the club We contribute annually to a state fund that provides needed operations for those who have no other financial support.

We collect used eyeglasses to be redistributed or sent throughout the world, mainly to the third world countries for those who cannot afford them. We are a collection point for all the glasses collected in the area and arrange shipment to Muncie, Indiana for refurbishing.

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