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Sight and Hearing Assistance

If you, or someone in our community, have a limited income and need glasses, a hearing aid or related assistance, Click here: Application Form to print the form to be submitted to obtain assistance from the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation of Cowlitz County.



The Kalama Lions needed a project to mark the Lions Clubs Anniversary of 100 Years  and Kalama needed a bus shelter. After some research, it was determined that CAP (our bus company in Kalama) had a shelter in a warehouse that was unspoken for. The CAP Transportation Manager Kelly Wagoner (front center left) said Kalama could have the shelter if we assembled it. We contacted Kelly Rasmussen (front center right) with the City of Kalama, who offerred to help us get the shelter to Kalama. Kalama Lions, City Employees and community volunteers pitched in and the shelter was delivered and assembled. Good Job everyone! We now have a terrific bus shelter.

Sight and Hearing Support

There seems to be some misunderstanding about Lions Eyeglasses Recycling. I recently had a Lions Club member tell me that they had put about 9 pair of their old glasses in the garbage after hearing that the glasses had to be near perfect to be recycled. They said that after they used their glasses for a year or more, they were not going to be perfect. I contacted Kerby Kee, the now president of NW LERC (Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center) and told him the story. He explained that it was true, they had to be near perfect to be reused, and that only 1 in 10 pair of glasses donated met that criteria, BUT the other 9 pair that are not perfect, are sold and help pay for the recycling of those that are perfect. So, the bottom line, PLEASE, donate all of your used glasses. Don't worry about the condition, let LERC worry about that, and we'll continue to make the world at better place.

Recently the Lions Sight and Hearing Van came to Kalama and club volunteers tested 313 kids at the Kalama Elementary school for vision and hearing problems. Problems detected were reported to the school nurse who contacted parents for followup on the tests. The Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation will assist low income families obtain glasses or hearing aids. An application for assistance can be printed by clicking at the top of this page.

District 19G News

News from our new District Govenor Bill Karcher and his staff

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Lions Club Magazine

While we try to keep the local activities of the Kalama Lions recorded here, Lions Clubs around the world are active and trying to help people in local communities. You can read about them by clicking here:

LION Magazine



  • 9/4 Board Meeting
  • 9/11 First Dinner Meeting after summer break
  • 9/? Rest Stop Toutle
  • 10/9 Zone Chair Ron Johnson visit to Kalama
  • 10/23 District Governor Bill Karcher visit to Kalama

Eyeglass and Hearing Aid Recycling

We are proud of our communities efforts to help us recycle Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids. The items received are taken to a facility in Olympia where they are sorted, cleaned and prepared to be distributed around the world to those in need. Please help us by donating un-needed glasses and hearing aids. Donation locations are listed at the bottom of this page.

So far this year, we have received:

  • Eyeglasses: 390 pair  (including 30 received in April)
  • Hearing Aids: 29 (including 9 Receved in April)


Every year the "Walk and Knock" food drive in December and a Post Office supported drive later in the year helps stock the shelves at our food bank. Between drives, food is donated by various suppliers. The Food Bank is open at 11:00am, Tuesdays and Thursdays to provide food for those in need and to receive donations. They are located at 191 Cloverdale Rd. (360) 673-2814. Thanks to the hard work and generosity of all that have helped make it a success. Lions Randy Gillespie and Darrell Thomas pickup food donated by Safeway each week and deliver to the food bank. Thanks guys for your help. CAP also provides a lot of the food donated.

Paper Recycling

One of the Kalama Lions primary fund raisers is Paper Recycling. Five recycling donation boxes are located around Kalama (see the list of locations at the bottom of this page). Paper is picked up once a week and then is sorted by Lions and loaded into a 53 foot trailer. It is then transported to a recycling center. Thanks to all the Lions for their help with our recycling effort and thanks to our community for the paper donations. The money will be put to good use in our community.  See the Paper Recycling Schedule on the "Club Projects" page.

Review of this years accompishments:

Fund Raising focus:

  • Paper Recycling

  • Bingo Games

  • Fathers Day Breakfast

  • Provided Coffee, tea and cookies to weary drivers at the Toutle Rest Stop

  • White Cane Collections for SIght and Hearing 

  • Buses to Red Wind Casino

  • Chamber of Commerce Bar

Community Service Support provided to:

  • Sight and Hearing Screening for 313 kids at Kalama Elementary School

  • Luggage of Love (assists children placed in Foster Care)

  • 2 Scholarships to Kalama High Scool Graduates

  • Flags for 1st Graders

  • Sight and Hearing Foundation of Cowlitz County

  • The NW Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation

  • The Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (LERC)

  • Roofing for the Helping Hands Food Bank Building

  • Easter Egg Hunt at Camp Kalama

  • Walk and Knock to benefit the Kalama Food Bank

  • Shop with a Cop

  • Collected Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids to Recycle

  • Delivered Christmas Baskets for the Alone in Kalama

  • Delivered Food to the Elderly

  • Road Cleanup on Old Pacific Highway and Meeker Drive

  • Assistance to the VFW for a flea market sale

  • Kalama Community Bldg Support

  • Leader Dog Program Support (guide dogs for the blind)

  • Kalama Fair Princess Program

We thank our community and our members for their hard work and dedication supporting these projects. Come give us a hand, as a group, we can do more good in the community than any one person. Our motto is

"We serve"



If you have used glasses or hearing aids,  or have paper to donate to our recycling project please drop them off at one of the following locations (no window envelopes or cardboard please):

  • 4859 Old Pacific Highway (at Kalama River Road, across from old fairgrounds)

  • 2943 Old Pacific Highway (north of Carrolls)

  • 560 N. 1st Street (behind Columbia Inn)

  • 6315 Old Pacific Hwy So. @ the Kalama Public Works & Recycling Facility (City Shop)

  • Todd Road and Killkelly Rd (east side of I5)

  • Columbia Terrace Trailer Park (box is on Boston View between Clydsdale Ct and Harbor Hts)

  • Kalama School (paper from the classrooms)

‚ÄčThought for the day

We are Lions -

Spread your arms to those with needs,

And serve with joy and zest;

Fill each day with golden deeds,

And give your very best.


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