Kettering Homeless Centre

Recent donation of cooker to Kettering Homeless Centre

The club recently made a donation to Kettering Homeless Centre in order for them to obtain a desperately needed new cooker. In fact the Lions arranged purchase and delivery of the appliance and went along to help make sure all was set for the centre to carry on their valuable work in providing sustenance to the homeless community.

Isebrook School Garden Project

Kettering Lions have recently made a donation to Isebrook School, Kettering who have undertaken an impressive project to design, create and maintain their own garden. The garden holds a wide variety of plants and vegetables and the school are very proud to be growing vegetables which wouldn't look out of place in any country fete competition.

Lions president Mike Walsh getting some valuable gardening tips

Outgoing president Mike Walsh and incoming president John Gray recently visited the school  at the kind invite of Isebrook. Mike and John were given a full tour and took some valuable tips away with them on how to grow an impressive asthetic as well as practical garden. Lions club members awaits such horticultural skills to be passed on in due course! The club always strives to help out in the community whenever and wherever it can and are very pleased that its donation went to aid the skill and committment of Isebrook School students in their endevour.

Please find just a couple of examples of fundraising projects/donations below. Please see Contact Us to make a donation which will be very gratefully received. Also see Who Are the Lions section.


Several Kettering Lions members recently helped with the Marie Curie Cancer Care Great Daffodil Appeal. Lions helped out with the appeal by collecting for the cause at Kettering Morrisons supermarket and were very pleased with the publics response in donating to this very worthy cause. Marie Curie Cancer Care provides highly skilled and committed nurses who deliver quality care to people with terminal cancer and other illnesses.

Kettering Homeless Centre

A significant donation was recently made to Kettering Homeless Centre - and organisation striving to provide support and provisions to local homeless people. The centre desperately needs funding to continue their work. Unfortunately their current location may not be long term and so are after help and advise on finding further suitable accomodation.

Kettering Samaritans

Our club have supported the hugely important local Samaritans on several occasions - donations are always greatly appreciated by this group.


PHAB Club (Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied)

Kettering Lions have made several recent significant donations to this very active and worthy club who bring together people of all ages, backgrounds, with disabilities or without disabilities. They run several mini-buses to provide valuable trips out and our donations help keep these valuable commodities running.


Isebrook School Garden Project

We recently made a donation to Isebrook School, Kettering who have undertaken an impressive project to design, create and maintain their own garden. This project helps the students develop their personal and organisational skills and builds up their profile within the community.



Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance

The club hold regular raffles in Kettering town centre (Gold Street) to raise money for the local Air Ambulance. Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. The Air Ambulance service was estabilished in 2003 and acts as a vital lifesaving public service. The ambulance not only transport patients to the nearest hospital; but also routinely carries senior Doctors and Consultants to the scene of incidents in just minutes, providing lifesaving treatment and medication at the scene and en-route to hospital. In essence, they take the hospital to the patient, providing the best possible chance of a full recovery. Based at Coventry Airport, in the five years it has been operating, it has flown over 7000 missions. With an ever-increasing callout rate of between 120 and 150 per month, WNAA is the busiest air ambulance in the UK.

WNAA is a registered charity and relies totally on public donations, fundraising activities and sponsorship. The average cost per mission is around £1400 and the annual basic running cost of the service is over £1.7 million.

Please see more at

Raffle Ticket sales also help provide fundraising for other causes and to support the Lions Community projects.






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