Award Presentation Evening 24th March 2014

Southfield School hosted our first celebration when 49 young people received their awards – 20 Gold and 19 Silver.

Congratulations to them all!


Kettering & District Lions Club are very proud to be promoting Lions Young Leaders In Service Awards in our area. These awards recognise and reward young people who provide significant levels of service to their communities.

Currently the organisations that are participating are: Southfield School, Kettering Air Cadets, Kettering Police Cadets, plus a number of individuals in other places such as youth clubs and charity shops.

The range of work carried out by individuals is impressive. Young people are enhancing their school environment and learning opportunities for others, some are taking leadership roles in their organisation, and others are involved with helping closer to home e.g. caring for a disabled family member, collecting a younger sibling from school, helping with homework or basic literacy skills, or shopping for an elderly neighbour.

The Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards recognise young people between the ages of 11 and 18 (school years 7 to 13).

There are two award levels: the Silver Seal Award for young people who provide at least 50 hours of service to their community during a 12 month period, and the Gold Seal Award for those who provide at least 100 hours of service during a 12 month period.

Those reaching either of these goals receive a badge, a congratulatory letter from the Lions Clubs International President and a signed certificate. These are recognised worldwide and can help significantly with university and job applications. More information  here

Anyone wishing to take part in the Award Scheme or to learn more about other Lions youth projects should contact our Lions Club or email



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