Member Spotlight

Our Member Spotlight is on new Lions Bill and Dawn Kay

Bill and Dawn Kay moved to LOW part time in June 2015 when they learned their first grandchild was to be born in Fredericksburg. While they still maintain a residence (and cat, Pebbles) in Orange County California, they try to spend most of their time in Virginia these days with their two granddaughters and 8 yr. old Yorkie rescue, Pixie. 

 They were introduced to the Lions the first weekend they moved to LOW at the yard sale.  Much of the furnishings for their LOW house on Elm Court came from the yard sale as well as the overflow trailer.  They are regular customers at both the Lions Saturday yard sale and the Lioness’ monthly book sale when they are on town.

 Bill and Dawn have five adult sons Jordan and Max in California, Harrison in Connecticut, Joshua in Arizona and Jacob with their two granddaughters 3 yr. old Abigail & 2 yr. old Amelia in Virginia.

 Bill is originally from Boston and has a BS from Northeastern and PhD in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic of Wales.  He has been an engineer and management consultant for Haley & Aldrich for 37 years.  These days he provides his construction, mining, manufacturing and educational institutional clients with facilitation, process improvement, strategic planning and organizational design services.  His hobbies include fishing, golf, swimming, reading, learning and spending time with his granddaughters.

 Dawn is retired from working in children services. She is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), certified domestic violence counselor and bereavement councilor. She also worked as a family law legal assistant, owned & operated restaurants and managed an animal shelter.  She volunteers preparing, delivering and serving meals for those in need. She was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California and now loves experiencing the seasons in Virginia.  Dawn’s hobbies include interior design, water aerobics, walking, gardening, and spending as much time as possible with her two granddaughters.

 Their interest in joining the Lions is to give back to the community that has been so open and welcoming to them.  Bill in interested in continuing his interest on the yard sale and Dawn is interested in using her skills and passion for helping others, particularly animals and children in need.


Our Member Spotlight is on new Lions Chris and Lisa Ward


LOW Lions are pleased to welcome new Lions Chris and Lisa Ward.  They moved to LOW in April from the Sonoma wine region of California and are settling in to their new home on Confederate Drive. Both are natives of the Golden State but after both their mothers passed, they decided to relocate in retirement.  Chris has a deep interest in Civil War history so the Mid-Atlantic area seemed an ideal place to live.  They discovered LOW while researching communities in VA and liked the location and amenities.  One of their first stops in LOW was the Velona Yard Sale where they purchased some needed items for their new home.  Chris’ stepfather was an active Lion during his life so when Chris and Lisa saw the many activities of our club, they returned completed applications to become Lions before the day was out!

Chris graduated from the California Culinary Academy and pursued a career as an executive chef for a while but found that the long hours and intense work took a toll on his health.  Among his hobbies were music and taming and training parrots.  He decided to turn his interest in birds into a career – over time he developed a pirate character for himself (with full pirate regalia and weapons), honing his craft as a street performer on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Chris met Lisa on the Wharf.  She was an art dealer at a gallery there. She had just earned a degree in Business Management but nobody cared, so she turned her attention to marketing Chris as a “pirate extraordinaire” and they both left the Wharf.  Chris became the “ultimate in walk around entertainment,” performing at events from county fairs to corporate gatherings.  Like all professional performers, Chris got to see a lot of the Country before finally retiring his act.  Unfortunately for LOW, Chris placed his birds in a sanctuary where they will enjoy a wonderful retirement.  Chris and Lisa now share their new home with two rescue dogs – a small terrier and an Australian cattle dog.  In addition to playing guitar Chris enjoys poker and video games (as Chris explained, there are only so many ways you can pass the time between performances when you’re in full pirate costume and tending to your feathered partners). He and Lisa also enjoy bike riding and have joined the Dog Park Club so their dogs can stretch their legs and socialize with other dogs.

Lisa was the sixth child in a family with seven children.  She has a very large extended family with about 100 nieces, nephews, grands and great-grands, some of whom live in the Mid-Atlantic area.  Lisa began her college education majoring in Modern Dance. Several moves and interruptions later, she finished three degrees while working full time, including a Masters’ in Creative Writing and published some short stories under the pseudonym of Eliza Monroe.  Not one to sit idly by, Lisa has been busy decorating her new house and has checked out numerous groups since moving to the Lake barely two months ago.  She has attended Water Aerobics, the Fun Bunch, the Eclectic Book Club, a poker group, AARP, Child Help, and the Garden Club. Her goal is to have her home and garden on the tour next time around.  She also wants to take piano lessons. Already Lisa and Chris have ventured out to the Antietam battlefield near Sharpsburg MD, and Lisa plans to take a Civil War seminar in Petersburg in the fall. Welcome aboard, new Lions Chris and Lisa!


Our Member Spotlight is on Lion Charles Miller

New Lion Charles Miller was a helicopter crew chief and door gunner in Vietnam during his 3 years in the Army. He also worked on maintaining the helicopters he flew in. He is fortunate, and thankful, to have survived when a helicopter he was in was shot down.

He and his wife Cam of 50 years lived in Lacy Lakeview Texas where Charles also served as a volunteer fireman. Charles was a founding member of the Connally Lions Club of Lacy Lakeview Texas where among other things, his service included collecting food donations and serving food at a local soup kitchen. Cam mentored the local Leos Club.

Charles has an Associate Degree in Plant Engineering and is a certified elevator and escalator mechanic.  He worked for Dillard’s as an elevator mechanic for 17 years. He rose to a supervisory position where his responsibilities included training other mechanics.

Charles and Cam have a son and daughter. They moved to the Lake of the Woods area in 2014 to be near their daughter and granddaughter who live in LOW. Charles and Cam bought a house in LOW in the summer of 2017. They care for their granddaughter during the week.

Charles is interested in helping out with the yard sale on Saturday mornings.


Our Member Spotlight is on Lion Wayne Potter

New Lion Wayne Potter is a Marine Vietnam veteran and a guitar player in rock and country and western bands.  Wayne was born in Rhode Island and moved to Virginia at a young age because of his father’s business reassignments.  Wayne joined the marines after school and was trained in aircraft refueling and engine repair.  His assignment officer had a typical sense of humor so Wayne’s specialty of “motors” was translated into “mortars” for his Vietnam assignment during the Tet offensive.  When things got quieter, Wayne had to give up his mortars to run a motor pool.

After his 3 years on active duty, Wayne tried careers in plumbing, worked as a machinist, and started his own business selling and repairing office equipment.  Then he found his career with Nabisco in Richmond where he spent 43 years in a variety of jobs including the mixing department, baking, packing, Oreo icing, and running the company store. 

His wife Sandy had a career at AT&T and enjoys the retired life here at the lake by helping their daughter in Unionville and taking care of their seven year old grandson Jake .  Sandy enjoys arts and crafts including making bouquets and door wreaths.

Sandy and Wayne moved here to the lake in August when he retired so that they could be closer to their daughter and grandson.  They liked the security of a gated community, the proximity to their family, and the beauty of the lake.

Wayne is looking forward to reviving his musical career so look for him at Woods Center some evening.  He is also polishing his golfing skills.  Wayne likes fishing and he and Sandy are looking for a place to dock their pontoon boat.

Wayne learned about the Lions when we picked up furniture at his home.  He hopes to get involved in Wilderness Food Pantry activities and is interested in learning about any other opportunities to serve.


Our Member Spotlight is on Lion Bob Huston

We are fortunate to have transfer Bob Huston as a new Lion.  He has been a member of the Oxford, Michigan Lions Club since 1985 where he served as President from 1989-90.  Bob is a life-long baseball and softball fan and player and especially enjoyed attending two Detroit Tiger fantasy baseball camps.  Bob is a Navy veteran who served as an aviation structural mechanic in a helicopter squadron in Pensacola.  While not fixing helicopters Bob played fast pitch softball for the Navy and courted his wife Sparke.

 Bob served as a police officer for 10 years in the small town of Oxford, MI which Bob describes as a nice community where everybody knew everybody, and he had the chance to do a little bit of everything from investigating murders to traffic accidents.  As a member of the Lions, Bob was able to help his department by providing communications equipment. 

 Medical issues led Bob to consider a career change and he turned to real estate, serving as an agent for more than 30 years.   He is re-establishing that career here in Locust Grove, working with Lion Charlie.

 Bob and his wife Sparkle are blessed to be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this September.  They have two daughters and two grandsons.  Sparkle worked as a respiratory and physical therapist and taught at a school for the deaf.  Bob and Sparkle’s primary hobbies are taking care of their grandsons although they also find time for their boat at Colonial Beach and enjoy working with horses.  Bob and Sparkle live in Unionville and are happy to help their youngest daughter who lives with them by looking after and home schooling their 5-year-old grandson.

 Bob enjoys helping his neighbors and has devoted his life and career to doing so.  He is pleased to enter a new era in service with the LOW Lions.  Please say hello to Lion Bob, ask him about the Detroit Tigers, and tell him about your opportunities to serve.


Our Member Spotlight is on Lion Susan Dyer

New Lion Susan Dyer is a 35 year veteran of the Department of the Army, specializing in personnel, entitlements and benefits.  She is a lifelong resident of Virginia with deep roots in Alexandria where she attended Thomas Edison High School.

Susan and daughter Kelly have lived in Lake of the Woods since 2010.  After retiring as an Army civilian, she moved here from north Stafford because she was looking for a friendly community with activities and opportunities to serve.  She chose her home because it was full of windows and sunlight with a cathedral ceiling family room.

Susan is a member of the Lake of the Woods Church and first learned about the LOW Lions in her bible study class.  Then Lion George Schneider invited her to our Valentine’s dinner meeting and she was impressed with the many

ways we serve our community and the friendliness of our members.  She then spoke with Lion Dave O’Hara about serving on the medical equipment committee.  She had a personal appreciation for the importance of this activity because of the support it provided to her late husband.

Susan is very interested in family history and genealogy.  She also collects cast iron banks from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Daughter Kelly is involved in Special Olympics programs including bowling, and is also active in LOW Church activities.

Since her induction at the April dinner meeting, Susan has become a regular participant in Friday eyeglass recycling on Lion Ron Moffa’s team.  She volunteered for White Cane, plans to become a part of the medical equipment team, and has volunteered to support our June 25 Foster Family picnic.

Please welcome new Lion Susan the next time you see her at the eyeglass recycling center, supporting medical equipment customers at the Velona building, or at one of our meetings and tell her about your opportunities to serve.

Our Member Spotlight is on Lion Jane Haltmaier

Lion Jane Haltmaier has seen the world in her capacity as an economist for the Federal Reserve Board.  Jane has a PhD in economics from the University of California Berkeley.  She began working in the Domestic Research Division of the Federal Reserve in 1982 tracking the real economy, unemployment rates, economic growth, and inflation.  When her children were young she took a break from government and taught economics at Georgetown University.  Jane returned to the Fed in 1994, this time to the International Division.  She served as chief of the Emerging Markets section doing economic analysis and represented the Fed at numerous G20 working group meetings.  She also wrote a number of papers and presented them at international conferences.  This provided her with the opportunity to visit India, South Africa, Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, among other countries.

Her husband John has a PhD in history from Berkeley and worked for the Department of Defense in the intelligence community.  Jane and John have three daughters.  Their oldest daughter worked as a lawyer for the NY Police Department Counterterrorism Unit for several years and is currently in Amsterdam on a Fulbright Scholarship studying the legal human rights issues involved in protecting against terrorism. Their second daughter is finishing a joint degree in business and social work at the University of Chicago this year and will work at Hasbro Toy Company in Rhode Island.  Their youngest daughter is working in DC for a consulting firm that specializes in defense and space policy. 

Jane learned about the LOW Lions from our recent story in Lake Currents.  She had also seen our signs advertising the yard sale and other activities.   She knew Lion Lois from tennis and asked her about joining.   Jane was inducted at our February dinner meeting.  Jane and John have lived here in LOW since May 2016.  They always wanted to live on a lake and spent several years looking at various lake communities in Virginia and North Carolina.  After Jane retired in 2015 they bought a home here in LOW because they observed that this is a real community consisting mostly of year-round residents.  They also like the proximity to the DC area and their former McLean neighborhood.

Jane enjoys playing the piano and has taken a course in mosaic making.  She also enjoys tennis, swimming, and running.  John is a military history buff and he practices his marksmanship at the Isaac Walton range.

Jane enjoys tutoring in the adult literacy program for Good Will where she is currently working with a Chinese student.  She also volunteers with the Childhelp Auxiliary program.

Jane is interested in helping us with White Cane, blood donor, teacher’s grants, hearing and sight, 4th of July parade, visitation, food pantry, youth programs, and yard sale.  She comments that the Lions are “a great group of people.  It is terrific to see so many dedicated people doing so many useful things.”  Please introduce yourself to Jane and ask her about future Chinese economic growth, her favorite places, and tell her about your opportunities to serve.


Our Member Spotlight is on Lion Jeff Roberts

New Lion Jeff Roberts is a native Virginian from Roanoke.  He is fortunate to have his two children living close by in Culpeper.  Jeff is the Business Development and Information Technology manager for Warrenton Toyota.  He has lived here at the lake since 2012.  Jeff has worked in customer support, marketing, and sales for more than 30 years and really enjoys working with and helping people.  Jeff reports that he enjoys talking with his neighbors and that “people get to know me very quickly.”  He has developed his communication skills through many years of talking with customers and has learned that “the best listener wins.”

Jeff first observed the Lions in action at the Saturday morning yard sale.  He found out more by talking with Lion Carl at the clubhouse bar.  Jeff was impressed with the many opportunities to serve and was inducted at our February dinner meeting with Lion Carl as his sponsor.  He is committed to serving with the Lions to give back to our community.

He is very interested in helping with vision screening programs because a family history of eye issues.  He also looks forward to helping out at the Wilderness Food Pantry.  Jeff is also interested in the finance team, helping with our blood donor program, and all sight and hearing programs.

 Although Jeff has a 48 minute commute to work in Warrenton each day, he is available to help on Fridays.  Please introduce yourself to Lion Jeff and tell him about your opportunities to serve.


Our Member Spotlight is on Lion Dave Schubert

New member Dave Schubert has had a distinguished career with the Navy and in private industry. He attended the US Naval Academy and graduated with a degree in Physics and later earned an M.S. in Physical Oceanography from MIT.  Dave entered the submarine service and had the distinct honor of serving as the engineering officer on the commissioning crew of the new Los Angeles class attack submarine the USS Chicago (SSN 721).  Ten years later he was selected as the commander of the USS Chicago where he directed many interesting missions including the first Navy testing of the Predator unmanned aerial vehicle.  

Dave also served as the Commander of the Naval Research Laboratory where he received the Laboratory Director of the Year award in 2006. He was also the Assistant Chief of Naval Research at the Office of Naval Research.  After retiring from the Navy he worked for several defense contractors, finally retiring in 2014 as Washington Operations Manager for Technology Service Corporation.

Dave is a native of the Detroit area where he grew up around lakes, leading later in life to a desire to live on a lake.  He met Pam on a blind date for Navy’s homecoming when USNA played football against William & Mary where she was studying accounting.  Dave expressed his good fortune that William & Mary won the game enabling him to start his relationship with Pam from a foundation of humility.  Pam received her accounting degree from William and Mary and later earned an MBA from George Mason University.  She retired about the same time that Dave did after serving as the director of finance for a major defense contractor.

Pam and Dave will celebrate their 40th anniversary this summer.  They have two daughters and four grand kids. Their older daughter Helen lives in Arlington and sister Karen in Valley Forge, PA.  Dave and Pam purchased a weekend home here at LOW in 2002 and upgraded to their current house in 2006.  Following their final retirements three years ago, they have enjoyed being full time residents of LOW.  Dave enjoys singing in the choir at St. Patrick’s church (and occasionally at LOW Church) and in the Spotsylvanians Chorus, and has performed in Fiddler on the Roof, Annie Get Your Gun, and Man of LaMancha with the LOW Players (where he worked with Lion Lee and swapped [under] sea stories). He was pleased to perform in Oklahoma! at Riverside Dinner Theater last summer.  In addition to theater and singing, Dave also enjoys boating and golf.  Dave met his sponsor Lion Bean through mutual friends and also enjoys occasionally singing with Bean in the LOW Church Choir.

Dave is looking forward to helping the Wilderness Food Pantry and supporting our golf tournament. Please introduce yourself to Lion Dave and tell him about other opportunities to serve.

Our Member Spotlight is on Lion Aino Leedom

New Lion Aino Leedom became a high school science teacher in Montgomery County, MD after a career doing science research in microbiology.  The National Science Foundation funded her scholarship to promote science education and to teach teachers how to teach.  She remembers all too well the challenges of arranging laboratory experiments for more than 140 students each day and then having to grade their lab books.

Her careers have been balanced with raising her family – Aino and Charles have three children.  Her older son works in New York City (after a tour in London) doing information technology.  His arrival triggered Aino’s first career transition.  She describes her younger son as a perpetual student; he has an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Virginia, a law degree, and is now working on a graduate degree in international economics from Johns Hopkins University.  Her daughter, a former veterinarian, is now a business women who enjoys living in Colorado, running marathons and skiing.  Husband Charles is a patent attorney who is fortunate to work from home where he promotes licensing some of his own patents.

Aino is people person who looks forward to helping us in dealing directly with our neighbors and customers.  She has volunteered at NIH to help kids with cancer and their families and in the schools her kids attended, and she enjoys painting.  She has taught swimming and water safety, and her family especially enjoys watching the Olympics.  Aino’s family is originally from Latvia where her grand father earned a medal for helping Latvia secure its freedom and independence.

Aino and Charles learned about Lake of the Woods from friends and became weekenders here in 1989.  They have been full time residents for three years.  Aino learned about the Lions from Lion Lee Frame and looks forward to serving as a greeter, supporting educational grants, working at the food pantry, and doing visitations.


Our Member Spotlight is on Lions Jean and John Schumitz

New Lions Jean and John Schumitz are looking for opportunities to serve.  They moved to LOW from northern Virginia a little more than a year ago and have spent this year fixing up their home by the golf course.  Jean is a former special education teacher who retired from the Prince William County Schools in July, 2014.  Jean reports that her work as a special education teacher started her on the pathway of serving her neighbors.  She worked closely with the families of her students finding shoes for kids and groceries for the family.  In most cases they never learned that this help came from her.

John spent his career in information technology and retired (mostly) doing project management for intelligent transportation systems and traffic management software applications.  John started his career in the Pentagon with the Army Data Systems Command and then joined private industry.  John retired in December, 2015 and keeps active in transportation management software and systems as an independent consultant.

Jean and John met in Arlington, VA through friends after each was brought here by their careers.  Jean found this to be an ideal location for working as a special education teacher and also had family in the area.  John was assigned here by the Army. 

When John’s company transferred him to Littleton, Colorado, they had one of their most memorable experiences in the Big Thompson Canyon Flood in 1976.  When their backpacking trip was washed out by pouring rain (12” in two hours – a typical one year ran fall!), they camped near a small stream in a side canyon.  They awoke in the middle of the night to find their tent beginning to float.  After a hasty scramble up the side of the canyon in the mud and rain, they were eventually evacuated to dry ground by a helicopter.  They weren’t able to return to look for their car for several weeks.  More than 100 people were killed and more than 400 vehicles were swept off roads and rolled down steep slopes into the raging waters at the bottom of the canyon in this deadliest disaster in Colorado history.

They are fortunate to have two daughters and their families living not far away in Northern Virginia and Maryland.  They have a 2 ½ year old grand daughter and a 10 year old grand son.  John enjoys canoeing, baking artisan style bread, and gardening

Jean’s main hobby is “redesigning my house.” She also enjoys needle work; crocheting, and is hoping to become reacquainted with her piano.  Both are avid readers and especially enjoying taking care of their grand kids.

Jean is interesting in helping with teacher’s grants, the food pantry, and the yard sale.  John would like to get involved in the Wilderness Food Pantry, yard sale activities, and the new diabetes screening and education team.  Both are enthusiastic about helping “wherever needed.”  Please introduce yourself to Jean and John and sign them for your Lions service project before they get too busy.

Our Member Spotlight is on Lion Ted Ferriter

New Lion Ted Ferriter learned about the Lions during his Peace Corps assignment in India.  Working as a teacher to train future teachers to teach English and nutrition, Ted became friends with the local eye surgeon who raised funds for Lions vision projects.  Ted taught some of his courses in the Tamal language of the region in a teachers college converted from the king’s stable at an old Muslim palace dating from the 1600s.

After the Peace Corps, “with the Army breathing down my neck,” Ted joined the Navy to become an aviator.  He met his wife Pat, a Navy nurse, when they were assigned together in Corpus Christi, TX.  She later served in the Navy reserves in Desert Storm and Desert Shield.  After leaving the Navy, she remained active in nursing and retired as director of nursing at a nursing facility in DC area.

Pat and Ted have two sons, John, a USMC Major and attorney, and Andrew, who served six tours as an Army aviator in Iraq and Afghanistan. Andrew and his wife, both West Point graduates, live in the Washington DC area where he works for the Department of Justice and she for Department of Transportation. 

Ted is a retired U.S. Navy Captain and naval aviator from the P-3 community. He reports that his final tour in the Navy was as the Naval Attache to Mexico. “This tour was a superb way to end a 30 plus year career, very interesting and much fun.“ His dad, John, was also a career naval officer who served on destroyers and retired in 1967.  His Navy career took him to over thirty countries, and his family lived in nine different places.  Counting his years growing up in a Navy family, he moved well over twenty times.

Ted is a true four generation Washington, DC area native, growing up in Northern Virginia where his parents were born.  He attended UVA where he studied English.  After struggling with undergraduate physics, he decided that this would be good area to study for his M.S.  Ted first noticed Lake of the Woods in driving back and forth from UVA to his Northern Virginia home.   His mother lived at LOW when John was assigned to the Pentagon.  Because his family still lived at Hampton Roads from his previous assignment, Ted decided that owning a weekend home at LOW half way in between would be ideal.  They purchased their home in 1995 as weekenders and transitioned to full time in 2005.  As a result, one of Pat and Ted’s primary hobbies is remodeling, and they report that they are now in their 11th phase.

In addition to remodeling, Ted is a voracious reader, enjoys photography, and loves all water sports. Both sons grew up as swimmers.

Ted and Pat learned about the LOW Lions from neighbors Fran and Jack Stockdale and then from friends Walter and Mary-Jane Diercks.  Ted has already become active in helping Dave Francis’s Wilderness Food Pantry team and is interested in helping with furniture sales and youth activities.  Ted is very impressed with how welcoming the Lions club is as a group.  He is looking forward to sampling many different service activities.  Please catch Ted and our next meeting and persuade him why he should work with you on your Lions service project.


Our Member spotlight is on Lion Jim Zavrel

New Lion Jim Zavrel is an experienced practitioner of the “Dismal Science” (an economist) and a dedicated Parrothead (Jimmy Buffet fan). While attending the College of William and Mary studying economics, Jim was awarded an Office of Personnel Management fellowship as part of a program to train future federal managers. His first assignment was with the Environmental Protection Agency where he worked summers and vacations while attending school.

He recently finished a 40 year career as an economist with the Bureau of Economic Analysis in the Department of Commerce where he retired as the Assistant Chief for Regional Economics on April 1st of this year. Jim’s greatest accomplishment at BEA was meeting and marrying Danna, who was an intern in the information technology department. They have now been married for 34 years. Jim enjoys applied economics and using it to determine economic growth across the different parts of the nation. His calculations were used as the basis for allocating over $300B (yes, “billion”) in federal revenue sharing funds.

Jim’s wife Danna left the federal government to work in telecommunications as a program manager where she started with the predecessor of AOL when they only had 20 employees. She then worked for MCI, Sprint and Qwest/CenturyLink before retiring several years ago. She has also been heavily involved in Girl Scouting

Jim and Rick Rappoport were neighbors in the Herndon area of Fairfax County where Jim and Christie Rappoport also served together on their homeowner’s association board, of which Jim was president for five terms beginning in the late 1980’s. He also served on the Citizen Advisory Council to the Fairfax County Zoning board, and admits to a life long passion for politics based on his grandfather’s service as an Alderman in the city of Chicago under infamous Mayor Richard J. Dailey.

Rick introduced Jim to the Lions and the opportunities to serve. Jim had another good Lions connection with Charlie Ostlund, as Jim served on the board of the Athletic Boosters at Oakton High School, where Charlie was the principal. Jim’s three children and their families all live in the Reston/Ashburn areas of Northern Virginia.

Jim played varsity lacrosse at William and Mary and lettered for three years as a walk-on after getting recruited based on his intramural skills. He is justifiably proud of having coached lacrosse at Lake Braddock High School. Jim is a big sports fan and was accused by Danna of having married her for her family’s season tickets to the Washington Redskins. Jim and Danna are spending much of their time fixing up their older house where Danna is able to use her talents as an amateur interior designer. He is slowly getting back into golf as his house remodeling permits.

Jim comments that “everyone is very friendly and welcoming in Lions, and in the Lake in general. There is amazing involvement all through community and the breadth of the Lions programs to serve their neighbors is incredible.” Jim is already a regular on the furniture moving crew. He looks forward to working on the food pantry team where he can help his neighbor Dave Francis. He appreciates all of the really important work that the LOW Lions accomplish and is especially concerned about the many needed Americans who are just getting by, and may not have enough resources to feed their families without the help of the Lions and the Wilderness Food Pantry. He also hopes to help with our membership drive and would like to help in bringing younger members and working families to the Lions. He also looks forward to working with the LEOS.

Please introduce yourself to Jim at our next meeting. If you don’t feel up to discussing micro and macroeconomics and regional employment figures, you can ask Jim about his passion for Jimmy Buffett and admire his collection of tropical shirts. He admits to having attended dozens of Buffet concerts over the years with his family and other “Parrotheads.” Jim and Danna were pleased to introduce her mother to the Parrothead passion by celebrating her 70th birthday at a Buffett concert. If you take your boat near the Zavrel’s dock you will hear Buffet music floating out over the water to guide you to his house. 



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