Donna Selle speaks to the club. She is a Trustee of the Lions Kids Sight program. She is recognizing the Lamar Lions Club for the total number of children and teenagers who had their vision checked this year. It was a huge success. We are looking forward to expanding it in the future.

Bob Selle speaks to us from the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF). He is also a Lions Camp Trustee and is recognizing the Lamar Lions Club our positive contribuitions over the last year.

Lion Ron Farmer discusses the impact of the Trump tax cuts.


Holly Rutherford of the Lions Kids Sight Program is conducting training  at the February 14th meeting. Thanks to everyone for their support and coming out. We still need volunteers in the coming weeks at the different schools we are visiting.

Lion Kristina Walker of the United Methodist Church in Lamar is discussing Rural Philathropy Days. It will be held from June 13 through the 15th at LCC, the Shore Arts Center, LHS and the Community Building. The events focus on promoting community service and volunteerism in rural areas.


Lion Gordon Guihen thanks the Guest Speaker for the Lions Seeing Eye Dog Program.

LCC President Linda Lujan is discussing the current and up coming changes at Lamar Community College.

Prowers County Sherrif Sam Zordel speaks to Lions Club.


Installation of Officers Ceremony.


Lions Clubs 100 Year and Lamar Lions Club 95 Year Anniversary

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