Introduction of Makawanpur Hetauda                                                                                                                 Makawanpur District, a part of Narayani Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Hetauda as its district headquarters, covers an area of 2,426 km² and has a population (2001) of 392,604. Bhimfedi market of the district was the traditional route to enter Kathmandu valley from the south. There are fourty three Villege Development Committee (VDC) and one municipality. The VDC are;  
* Agara                             * Ambhanjyang               * Bajrabarahi               * Basamadi             * Betini,
* Bhaise                           * Bharta Pundyadevi      * Bhimfedi                    * Budhichaur           * Chhatiwan
* Chitlang                        * Churiyamai                    * Daman                      * Dandakharka       * Dhiyal
* Fakhel                           * Faparbadi                      * Gogane                      * Handikhola          * Hatiya
* Harnamadi                   * Ipa Panchakanya         * Kalikatar                    * Kankada               * Khairang
* Kogate                          * Kulekhani                       * Makwanpurgadhi    * Manahari               * Manthali
* Markhu                          * Marta Punchedevi         * Namtar                     * Nibuwatar             * Padma Pokhari
* Palung                          * Raigaun                          * Raksirang               * Sarikhet Palase    * Shikharpur
* Shreepur Chhatiwan * Sisneri Mahadevsthan * Sukaura                   * Thingan                  * Tistung Deurali

Municipality Hetauda
Hetauda (हेटौडा) is a small town and municipality and seat of Makwanpur District in the Narayani Zone of southern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 53,836 people living in 10,420 individual households.
It is 132 km from the capital Kathmandu via the old Tribhuwan Highway. There are now two alternate roads that are less than 80 km. They are, however, not black topped yet. The city is enclosed by three rivers, the Rapti to the west, the Samari to the north and the Karra to the south. It is one the important industrial regions of Nepal. The settlement could have started due to its location at the meeting point of two major highways - East-West Highway and Tribhuwan Rajpath.

Hetauda is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in Nepal. Due to its geographical features and its climate, it has been a popular choice for people migrating from the northern hilly regions to the south and. Hetauda is a doon, which means that it has a valley like geography. It is surrounded by hills: the Mahabharata range in the north and the Siwalik range in the south. The rivers Rapti, Samari, and Karra run through this area and flow southwest to meet Narayani, one of the bigger and popular rivers in the nation.

It is an hour's drive from the Nepalese border city of Birgunj, which is adjacent to its Indian counterpart, Raxaul. Both the existing highways to the capital city Kathmandu - Tribhuwan Highway and the East-West Highway, aka Mahendra Highway that trails the length of the nation - traverse through this city. With so many entry and exit points leading in and out of this town, Hetauda is set to grow into a commercial powerhouse if only the country realized its potential.

Hetauda is also popular for its industries. Hetauda Industrial District (HID) is the biggest among the industrial districts in the nation. Not only it houses some of the biggest industries in the nation but also shelters the cottage and medium scale industries.

Hetauda is mostly a working-class residential town, and therefore most people here are either employed by the industries or the government. Individual entrepreneurship tends to favor investment into transportation sector. Trucking is thus a popular business proposition as majority of goods plying to Kathmandu goes through this city.

Among the big industries, Hetauda boasts of a cement factory whose production is aided by the ample supply of limestone that come from the northern Hills that form the base of the Mahabharata range. This limestone is blasted off of the quarry with the use of dynamites and then transported via ropeway directly to the Factory's production unit, which is situated 11 kilometres south across the town. Recently though, the use of the ropeway has declined tremendously due to lack of care and maintenance.

Among the popular attractions of Hetauda is the unique Martyr Memorial Park which was constructed to honor the martyrs of Nepal, including the ones who lost their lives since the time of British colonial wars to the ones who overthrew the autocratic Panchayat system in 1989. The Park has become a tourist spot since its completion in 1994. The main attraction of the park are the sculptures of these martyrs that are sculpted on one big boulder. The sculpting of the faces was accomplished by the student volunteers of Nepal Lalit Campus.

Similarly, Makwanpur Gadhi is another site east of the city, a fort of historic importance dating back to the unification process of Nepal. Prithvi Narayan Shah, the king that led the unification of the country into a greater Nepal, was married to the princess of Makawanpur whose father was a king of the Sen dynasty that ruled Makawanpur. Historians observe that this marriage, in fact, was a political strategy by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who saw the strategic benefit of an alliance with Makwanpur to encircle Kathmandy valley.

Hetauda's commercial prominence started with the construction of Tribhuwan Highway, the first highway built in the country. Its future depends on a second highway link that has been discussed for over a decade. The proposed link to Kathmandu through a series of tunnels will reduce the present length of 133 km via Tribhuwan Highway and 224 km via Mugling to a length of less than 60 km. Considering the need for a shorter route from Kathmandu to India and a transit point to sustain trade between the two fastest growing economies of India and China, the importance of Hetauda as a trade route is set to receive a big leap, if this proposed tunnel comes into existence. Recently, the road way from Kulekhani hydro-project is running as has became very popular of its short route of about nearly 83 km from Hetauda valley to Kathmandu. In this route there are also many ways road ways which are now currently being used if any obstacles happen in other ways. One we can go through the Kulekhani hydro-project through Fakhel Village and in obstacles we can also go from Markhu and Sisneri villages towards Kathmandu.But,all these are not totally black topped pitched and are in construction.

Lions Clubs of Makawanpur
District 325B, Nepal
Board of L. Y. 2010-2011




Contact No.


Lion Sukritraj Parajuli


+977 9855067171

+977 57-523571 (R)

Nobel Print and Packaging Hetauda-11, Nawalpur

Lion Shambhu Nakarmi

Immediate Past President

+977 9855067591 +977 57 523940(R)


Trimoorti General Works, Nandasthan Road, Hetauda 4


Lion Manoj Dhungana


+977 9803169939

+977 57 523554 (R) Rashmi Signatures

Sradda Nagar, Hetauda-4

Lion D.D. Sapkota


+977 9845104945

+977 57 526610 (B)


Ganga Soap & Chemical Industries, HID, Hetauda

Lion Raviraj Kandel

1st Vice President

+977 9745001482 +977 9855067283

+977 57 520430 (B)



Chandra Surya Oil Distributors, Nawalpur-11

Lion Binod Kumar Bartaula

2nd Vice President

+977 9845027076

+977 57 692460 (R)


Kandel Lekhapadi Sewa Sadan, Hetauda

Lion Dipendra Bartaula

3rd Vice President

+977 9855067445

+977 57 521102 (R) Syarse Kalika Petrol Pump, Basamadi -5, Makawanpur

Lion Shiva Bidari

Public Relation Officer

+977 9845025717

+977 9745028213

New Mahacaul Traders,

Hetauda-11, Nawalpur

Lion Srijan Nepal

Joint Secretary

+977 9845030217

+977 57 525772(B)

Divya Furniture Udyog, Hetauda

Lion Ashok Kumar Agrawal

Joint Treasurer

+977 9745012164

+977 9845288678 Himal Suppliers, Hetauda

Lion Saroj Pokhrel


+977 9845030010

Solve Nepal, Hetauda

Lion Keshav Nakarmi

Tail Twister

+977 9855067654

+977 520840(R)

New Hetauda Chhapakhana, Hetauda

Lion Bishnu Khanal

MC Chairman

+977 9855067383

Omkar Soap & Chemical Industries, Nawalpur-11,


Lion Keshari Prasad Sah

Fund Rising Chairman

+977 57 520895 +977 98450…..

Sah Medical Hall, Sanopokhara-2, Hetauda

Lion Bharat Thapa


+977 9845236437 +977 57 521553

Khadya Udyou Ltd, HID, Hetauda

Lion M.P.S. Baniya


+977 9855067851 +977 57 525649

Hetauda 4

Lion Ishwor Prasad Mainali


+977 9855067110 +977 57 523604

Hotel Seema, Hetauda

Lion Krishnalal Shrestha


+977 9845030700 +977 57 691449

Kirana Stores, Samari VDC 9, Makawanpur

Lion Er. Ram Kumar Kadaria


+977 9845057170 +977 57 520689

Nepal Ekrat Engineering, Hetauda

Lion Uttam Thapa


+977 9845030022 +977 57 525622

Ambhangyang Agriget Industries, simaltar, Makawanpur

Lion Yuvaraj Upadhyay


+977 9845125859 +977 57 525429

Pashupati Vidya Sadan, HID, Hetauda

Lion Dinbandhu Kuwar


+977 98

 +977 57 521136

Shiva Shakti Engineering,


Lion J.P. Yadav


+977 9845105247 +977 57 521609

National Soap Industries, HID, Hetauda

Lion Nabin D.C.


+977 9855067003 +977 9755000003

Santoshi Oil Distributors, Basamadi-5, Makawanpur

Lion Pabitra Shrestha


+977 9845030710 +977 57 525477

Lion Pawan Kumar Agrawal


+977 9845022874 +977 57 520610

Balaji Bastralaya, Hetauda

Lion Prabin Shrestha


+977 9845104834 +977 57 521226

New Namaste Digital, Hetauda-4

Lion Purushottam Thapa


+977 9845027186 +977 57 525233

Gyanada Ma.Vi. Hetauda

Lion Samrat Tumbahamphe



Ujjwal Shishu Niketan, Bhairab Road, Hetauda-5

Lion Surendra Bartaula


+977 9841486629 +977 57 521102 (R)

Syarse Kalika Petrol Pump, Basamadi-5, Makawanpur

Lion Krishna Bahadur Karki


+977 9855067628

Jay Kalika Hardware

Kantirajpath, Hetauda




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