INTERESTED IN BECOMING A MEDFORD LION???  Please read the following attachment.  New Member Information:

OLD EYE GLASSES:  eyeglasses can be dropped off at   Medford Motors Ford Store, Medford County Market, Healthview Eye Care and Nikolay Bank.

Medford Lions Shelter at the Park;  Please contact Medford City Hall and check on availability and cost of using the shelters at the Medford City Park.  The Medford Lions do not have control over use of the shelters. 

MEDFORD LION SHIRTS;  Any Lion who would like a Medford LIONS shirt, Please contact Lion Dennis at our meetings. (T_Shirts $7, Polo's $10).




Medford Lions Duck Race;  The Medford Lions Duck Race will be on Sunday July 29,2018 at 5PM.  The duck race tickets are now available to sell. You can pick some up at Medford Motors or get a hold of Lion Judy Sorge. Let’s get all these ducks sold.       Help is needed at 1 PM, on Saturday July 28, 2018 at the Medford city park to pull the ducks.   Help is also needed at 6 PM on Monday July 30,2018 at the Medford city park to sort the ducks.

Our Village Playground.  This is a project by Joe & Laura Holms, from the Medford High School, to bring a HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE Playground to the Medford City Park. Please review the following attachments for more information;  Evening with LeRoy Butler  

Playground Information -1   Playground Information -2

PARADES:   The parade season is upon us. Hopefully Lion Herman will keep us informed on Rib Lake Ice Age Days (August 12, Setup at the Access RD. - 11-12:45), the Ogema Christmas Tree Festival and of course Harvest Days in Medford.

2018 Maplefest;  Thank you to everyone who came and helped out at the Maplefest. It was a great day for the event. I believe the pancake breakfast had over 870 people. That is fantastic!!! I’m sure we will get a better report of how things turned out at our next meeting.

Next meeting:    

Annual meeting on Monday August 27th, 2018 at Whittlesey Ball Park. Maple Fest will purchase the meat and all attending will bring a dish to pass. Officers will be elected at that meeting.


OUTGOING OFFICERS: The Outgoing Officer’s Party was held June 27 in the City Park. Thanks to our steak grillers, the food was excellent. Congratulations to Lion Herman and Steve on receiving the Melvin Jones Fellowship and Lion sue for getting Lion of the Year.

FOURTH of JULY: Thank-you to everybody who helped work at the July 4th Foodstand. Rain may have kept the crowds down a little on the 4th, but still a successful event. We’ll have an update at the next meeting.


Medford Lions Special Donation;

1)  The Medford club presented the Ipod to the young girl at Medford High School. There have been apps installed on the device to help her continue with her schooling. She was very thankful for the Lions club as she has been attending Lions camp for quite a few years now and looks forward to joining the adult camp.

2)  The Medford Club presented $40.00 because of a Financial Need to purchase glasses for a Young man in High School.

3)  The Medford Club donated $1000.00 towards the Taylor County "Moving For A Cure"  walk.   Date; Friday May 18, 2018 -  Meet at the Park. Lions who wish to walk, Please call Lion Shirley Lemke (715-785-7573) for a shirt.

4)  The Medford Club donated $100.00 to support a American Legion fund raiser for the Veterns Memorial Wall upgrades.

5) The Medford Club used money from the Helen Hessing fund $3000.00, towards Large print items and CD's to be used at the Medford Public Library.

6)  The Medford Club used money from the Helen Hessing fund $3000.00, towards Taylor County Humane Society Bldg. Fund.

7)  The Medford Club used money from the Helen Hessing fund $472.95, towards purchase of a Ipad & equipment for a senior in Medford High School with Vision Impairment. He will be attending River Falls college next Fall. There will be a presentation at Medford High School on Momday May 7th, 2018 at 3:15 PM.


Some interesting tidbits about the Leader Dog Program.
1. What is the name of the Leader Dogs for the Blind quarterly newsletter for Lions? (The Mane Event)
2. What is the name of the President & CEO for Leader Dogs for the Blind? (Susan M. Daniels)
3. What were the first 2 breeds used as Leader Dogs? (Dobermans & German Shepherds)
4. What is the annual budget for Leader Dogs for the Blind? ($11 million)
5. What percentage of the annual budget is donated by Lions? (20%)
6. What is the combined percentage of the annual budget that comes from State, Federal and United Way? (Zero)
7. How many days do clients spend on campus training with their Leader Dog? (26 days)
8. How much does it cost a client/student to obtain a leader Dog? (Zero; all costs are covered by Leader Dogs for the Blind)
9. What is the lead time to produce a Leader Dog Team? (About 2 years)
10. What is the gestation period for a dog? (9 weeks, about 63 days)
11. How many volunteers are on Campus every day? (About 50)
12. How many gallons of Puppy Poop is picked up during an average week in Puppy Land? (About 57 gallons)
13. How long does a puppy stay in the care of a Puppy Raiser? (12-14 months)
14. How much are Puppy Raisers paid to raise a puppy? (Zero. They volunteer their services)
15. What is the term given to a puppy/dog that does not make it to graduation? (Career Change)
16. Approximately how many families in the U.S. and Canada serve as Puppy Raisers? (450)
17. Each year Leader Dogs for the Blind recognizes the Lions Clubs who have donated $5000 or more during the fiscal year, with a certificate, banner patch and pins for every member. What is the name of that award? (Top Dog)
18. What is the minimum age to receive a Leader Dog? (16)



District 27-C2



Did you know that you can get a WISCONSIN LIONS LICENSE PLATE????   You can order your plate online at (, search on special license plates.

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