To learn more about the activities of the Mount Pearl Lions, or to find out how you can become a member of the Mount Pearl Lions Club, you can contact the Club directly through email or phone, or make contact with one of the Lions below. 

Mount Pearl Lions Club 2016-17

P O Box 55, Mount Pearl, NL Canada A1N 2C1



Mount Pearl Lions Club Executive

 President:  Roxanne Oates, LFC Life Member

Secretary:  Betty Dunlop, LFC Life Member

Treasurer: Russell Durant, LCI Life Member, LFC Life Member, MJF

Membership: Dianne RyanLFC Life Member

Board of Directors

Vice Presidents::       

1st:      Sadie Perry, JBS Fellow, LFC Life Member

2nd:     John Oates, LFC Life Member 

3rd:      Alex NoseworthyLCIF life Membership, LFC Life Membership

Immediate Past President:  Betty Dunlop, LFC Life Member

Lions Clubs International Foundation: Cyril Simms,  MJF, LCI Life Member

Constitution & By Laws: Claudette CoombsMJF, LFC Life Member

First Term Directors:  

Margaret BurryMJF, LFC Life Member

Danny Doody

Second Term Directors:  

PDG Sam ParsonsLCI Life Member, LFC Life Member, MJF

Gerald Coombs,  MJF, JBS, LCI Life Member, LFC Life Member, LMSMC Fellowship

Tail Twister:    Maisie Pike, LFC Life Member

Lion Tamer:    Paschal Ryan, LFC Life Member

Mount Pearl Lions Club Members

Chris Anderson, LFC Life Member

Fred Anderson, LCI Life Member, LFC Life Member, MJF

Margaret Burry, LFC Life Member, MJF

Ron Clarke, LCI Life Member, LFC Life Member,  MJF

Claudette Coombs, LFC Life Member, MJF

Gerald Coombs, LCI Life Member, LFC Life Member, JBS, LMSMC F, MJF

Danny Doody

Betty Dunlop, LFC Life Member 

Russell Durant, LCI Life Member, LFC Life Member, MJF

Martin Gaulton, MJF, JBS,  LFC Life Member

Frank Hounsell,  MJF, LCI Life Member

Mary Ann Jones,  LFC Life Member

Janet Kent,  LFC Life Member

Steve Kent,  LFC Life Member

Lisa Lake

Andrew Ledwell,  LFC Life Member

Roxanne Oates LFC Life Member

Alex Noseworthy, LFC Life Member

John Oates, LFC Life Member

Edna Parsons, MJF, LFC Life Member 

PDG Sam Parsons, MJF, LCI Life Member, LFC Life Member

Sadie Perry, JBS, LFC Life Member

Chesley Pike, MJF, LFC Life Member

Maisie Pike, LFC Life Member

Linda Quinlan, LFC Life Member

Dianne Ryan, LFC Life Member

Paschal Ryan, LFC Life Member

Cyril Simms,  MJF, LFC Life Member 

Sadie Simms, LFC Life Member, LMSMC F

Ed Snow,  LFC Life Member


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