History of the Mount Orab Lions Club

On September 17, 1951 The Mount Orab Lions Club became a reality. The Bethel Lions club was our sponser and we chartered with 41 members. C.M. Bailey was our first President and Charles H Bohl was our first Secretary/Treasurer.

While we shall have listed herein our past presidents, all of whom have served with us well, we are ever mindfull that there are many, many more who have faithfully served our club in various capacities and without their efforts, this 61 year old club would not have endured. It is to those "unsung heroes" that this history is dedicated. Also, we want to give thanks to the community that has supported us throughout the years.

We have furnished hundreds upon hundreds of eye exams and eyeglasses for indigent community school children down through the years and this is just one of our local projects! In addition , and not necessarily in the order listed, we have furnished and erected street name signs, posts and numbers; we provided and installed early christmas street lighting; we improved what is now the municipal park ball diamond; constructed a concession stand; installed lighting, fences, grandstand, and maintained it for many years; we furnished and installed an uptown water fountain; we provided 40-50 Cristmas baskets to the needy in our area ( we now make considerable donations to food banks in our community) Our organization was the catylyst  for the Bartlett Peat Tree Project and The Mount Orab Development Corp; we built and furnished the welcome signs at the four entrances to town; we provided Lions Quest teacher training; we equipped a Brown County General Hospital room; we provided an audio communications board for a disabled child; we supported the Eddie Eyeglass and the Good Programs in our local schools; We have supported numerous Boy Scout Troops; we purchased Pee Wee Footbal Uniforms; we sponsored local students to the Ohio Lions Band and each year a local girl to Girls State; we provide local students with college scholarships: we participated in the Adopt A Highway program

taken from excerpts from PID Floyd Newberry's 50 year charter night history address

Our Past Presidents

C.M Baily 1951-1952/1952-1953*  Andrew B Courts 1953-1954* Russell Thompson 1954-1955* Floyd Newberry Jr 1955-1956

Hugh Cahall 1956-1957* Aubry j Vandament 1957-1958* Carroll Wallace 1958-1959 Walter Brooks 1959-1960

John L Hirons 1960-1961 Randall Patton 1961-1962 Phillip S Miller 1962-1963 Robert Carr 1963-1964 Clarence Smith 1964-1965

Charles Gene Hawk 1965-1966* James Neal 1966-1967 Fred A Glover 1967-1968* Bobby Hatcher 1968-1969 Tom Ball 1969-1970

Kenneth Cribbet 1970-1971* Floyd Newberry Jr 1971-1972 Leo Bradly 1972-1973 George H Phillips 1973-1974

Sherrill Callihan 1974-1975 Collier Todd 1975-1976*  Russell Thompson 1976-1977 Rev. Don Hare 1977-1978

Glenn Rhoades 1978-1979* James C Neal 1979-1980 Fred Glover 1980-1981* George H Phillips 1981-1982 Andrew B Courts 1982-83

Collier Todd 1983-1984* Rev. Don Hare 1984-1985 Randall Patton 1985-1986 Glenn Rhoades 1986-1987*

Lawrence Woodruff 1987-88 Michael Mahan 1988-89 William Wilson 1989-90 Ben Houser 1990-91 Ronald Glover 1991-92

Edward Cierley 1992-93 Charles Schindel 1993 (3 mos.)* Gary Young 1993-1994 (9 mos.) Gary Young 1994-95 Bob Ricmond 1995-96

Rodney Glover 1996-97 Burt Beardsworth 1997-98 Rev. Don Hare 1998-99 Nick Chilelle 1999-2000 Ben Houser 2000-01/2001-2002 Floyd Newberry Jr 2002-2003 Gerald "Jerry" Burger 2003-04 James Moore 2004-05 Sherry Bingamon 2005-06 Susan Bellas 2006-07 William Wilson 2007-08-Jim Bingamon 2008-2009 Gerald Amiott 2009-2010 Bob Richmond 2010-2011 Arnie Conwell 2011-2012 Duane Smith 2012-2013 Mark Slack 2013-2014

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