Muskogee County Morning Lions Club

 Dues/Break down
Annual Dues - Broken Down                              Individual                    
LCI DUES                                          $39.00 (9.75A) 
State Dues                                       $17.00 (4.25Q)  
District Dues                                    $2.50   (.63 Q)     
Club Dues                                         $5.50 (1.37Q)   
Meals at Club Meeting                   $6.00 per meal ($54.00 per quarter)
***Annual Dues by classification of member ***
Corp. Dues (everything included) **                         $240 yearly ($60 Q)
Individual Dues (everything included)                     $280 ($70 Q)
Life Member Dues (Only pay for meals when present)
Affiliate Member Dues (meals not included) $100 ($25 Q)
Associate Dues (meals not included)                        $5.50
Member at Large (Meals not included)           $100($25 Q)
New Member-Cost
New Member                                      $30.00 (one-time fee)
**Corporate dues include one meal per meeting, but anyone can represent your company. You will have one primary member listed has contact. **
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