WRBH Radio for the Blind and Print Handicapped
This site is the home page for a unique radio station. WRBH is the Voice of Print for the visually handicapped. It is one of very few reading radio stations in the world that broadcasts over the FM bands, available to all listeners. The station also streams its programming over the internet.

Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation
This site is the home page for one of the Multiple District 8 statewide projects. The Eye Foundation provides eye care to the citizens of Louisiana, regardless of their ability to pay. The Eye Foundation is a partner with LSU Medical Center, sponsoring research and treatment programs.

Lions/LSU Low Vision Program
This is an exciting new joint program with the Lions and LSU to provide diagnosis, treatment and assistance to the many people who suffer from severely deteriorated vision.

Louisiana Lions League for Crippled Children Camp
This site is the home page for our camp in Leesville, Louisiana. This camp provides a special experience to many children who suffer from a variety of handicaps to enjoy a week in the country with trained counselors. The camp has sessions for children with pulmonary disease, diabetes, blindness, physical and mental handicaps.

Leader Dogs for the Blind
This site is the home page for one of the oldest programs to provide trained leader dogs for the blind. It is one of the only programs that provides assistance to clients who are both deaf and blind. They are based in Rochester, Michigan.

Lions World Services for the Blind
This site is the home page for the Lions sponsored training program to give blind clients the skills to carry on with their everyday lives. It is a residential program, based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Asian/Pacific American Society
APAS is a non-profit 501(c)(3)organization that provides services and leadership in cultural, social, and economic areas as well as efforts toward integrating Asian and Pacific Islanders into mainstream America. APAS is the umbrella organization for 15 Asian communities in the Greater New Orleans area. 

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