Olivet Lions Club

Policy Manual


Section A


It is understood that all policies must conform with the International, the Multiple District 11, and the District 11-C2 Constitutions and By-Laws and the Olivet Lions Constitution and By-Laws .The purpose of the Policy Manual is to put in easily readable and understandable form the pertinent procedures to be followed by the President and all other club officers in the performance of his/her duties.


Section B

Adoption and Amendment

Publication and distribution of this Policy Manual will be the responsibility of the President.  The President shall present a proposed Policy Manual to the Board at their organizational meetings prior to the first official club meeting.  After the consideration by the Board, the Policy Manual shall be presented to, considered by, and adopted by a majority vote of the club at the first club meeting of the year.

This Policy Manual, as previously adopted pursuant to Paragraph 1, may be amended from time to time as deemed necessary by the board.  The following procedures shall be followed in amending the Policy Manual.

The President or any Board Member may at his/her discretion propose any amendment(s) to said Policy Manual at a Board meeting and changes can be made by a majority vote of the Board.  Changes will be effective upon approval of the membership per Section B.


Section C

General Club Policies

Minutes will be available at every meeting.


A copy of the board minutes will be made available for inspection at general club meetings.


The 1st club meeting of the year will be an introduction for the upcoming year and follow up from the previous year.

                Approval of both Administrative Budget and Service Budget

                Club Roster distributed

                List of Chairs for activities distributed

                Adoption of Policy Manual       


Flowers for the death of immediate family members (living in the home) of Club members will not be sent. Instead, a donation will be made in their name to a Lions project in the amount of $50 and a sympathy card sent to the member indicating such action.

A year end audit will be conducted of both Administration and Service accounts by 2 members in good standing.  The 2 members are to be appointed by the incoming President.  This must be done during the month of July.


Guest speaker meals are to be paid in full by the club and one half of the cost of meals for the Secretary and Treasurer will be paid by the club.


The following items will be included in the Administration budget:

                Tail Twister (Income)

                Registration at Conventions/Forums for club delegates

                Delegate meal costs for Memorial Breakfast at District Convention

                Guest Speaker and Treasurer and Secretary meals

                New member meal at induction night

                Meals for President, 1st and 2nd   Vice Presidents or their substitutes to the zone or cabinet           meetings

                Club visitation meals

                Prospective member meals

The Nominating Committee for club officers will be made up of the past presidents plus the current president.  This committee is called to meet by the immediate past president who will also chair the meeting.  If the immediate past president is not available, the president will chair the meeting.  The committee will have its first meeting the first week in February.

A prospective member must attend at least one meeting, and his/her meal will be paid for by the club.  Sponsor must submit a completed application form to the membership committee.  The membership committee submits it to the Board for action.  New members will be installed as soon as possible at a regular meeting.

The club will offer new members an orientation meeting within a month of their induction and the new member and their sponsor must attend.  This orientation is the responsibility of the Membership Committee.


Section D

President’s Duties

Make sure that everyone follows the Policy Manual.

The President is responsible for scheduling Board meetings as needed.  The meetings must follow Constitution and by-laws.  There should be at least one board meeting to prepare the budgets for the following year for presentation to the general membership.

Attend Zone meetings and District Cabinet meetings. The President or his/her designee will be responsible for arranging a location for the June picnic.

Read the President’s Manual prepared by Lions International.


                                                                                               Section E       

1st Vice-President’s Duties

The 1st Vice-President is responsible to have a program (speaker or entertainment) at each club meeting, with the exceptions of the first club meeting of the year, the Holiday meeting, the last club meeting of the year and any other meeting(s) where he/she is advised not to have a program (i.e., District Governor visitation, hosting a zone meeting, etc.).

At Large members need to be contacted every six months to confirm status for the current year and report said findings to the Board.

Attend at least one Zone meeting and one District Cabinet meeting.

Attend the officer training provided by the District, if possible.


Section F

2nd Vice- President’s Duties

Recruit, with the help of club members, prospective members.

Provide orientation for new members.

Assist in retention of current members.

Secure and distribute education materials on Lions projects (International, State and District) that members can take home and read.

Attend the Fall Conference, if possible, and one District Cabinet meeting.

Be in charge of setting up and going on 2 club visitations, with a report to the Olivet Lions Club at the next meeting.  A total of 4 members make it an official club visitation.

Set of a minimum of 1 visitation to a Lions project (Leader dog, braille transcribing, etc.)


Section G

Secretary’s Duties

Provide a current roster list to each club member at the first meeting of the year in September.  The roster will include name, address, phone numbers and spouse’s name.

File the annual tax-exempt status with government

Provide attendance data to the treasurer on a quarterly basis.

Take minutes of all general meetings and board meetings, with minutes available for inspection at the next general club meeting.

Be in charge of sending a sympathy card in the case of a death of a member or the immediate family member.

Attend Zone and Cabinet meetings.


Section H

Treasurer’s Duties

Send bills quarterly.

Give a report to the membership at each meeting.

Pay bills and maintain club financial accounts.


Section I

                                                                                  Other Officer’s Duties       

The Tail Twister will be responsible for fining members for infractions.  If he/she will be absent for a meeting, the Tail Twister shall appoint a temporary replacement.

The Lion Tamer will be responsible for assuring club paraphernalia is available at all regular meetings.


Section J

Project Chair’s Duties

Count all monies and have a written accounting on a form prescribed by the club before turning the money over to the Treasurer.

Report on the project to the club before, during and after the project.

Develop/maintain/update written procedures on a form prescribed by the club and provide to the 1st VP within 30 days following the project/activity.




Section K

Immediate Past President’s Duties

Chair the Nominating Committee

Induct new members into the club

Provide guidance to the current president



Section L

Vision Requests

The requester must live in the Olivet School District

                Those living outside Olivet school district will be referred to the appropriate Lions Club

Financial need should be demonstrated.  For example: check with DHS, Health Department, Olivet   Good Neighbor program, Olivet schools, etc.

Services   should be provided through optometrist with advanced arrangements with the Olivet Lions Club.  Exceptions can be made but need, costs and validity of services must be verified

Committee chair is authorized to make final decisions regarding provision of services and is responsible for paperwork and reporting to Olivet Lions Club

Each person/family receiving services is responsible for a $10 co-payment.  However, the chairperson may waive the co-payment under extenuating circumstances

All bills for services should be sent to the Olivet Lions Treasurer who shall make prompt payment after written/verbal approval by committee chair.

The Olivet Lions Club will pay, upon authorization by committee chair¸ the cost of an eye exam and the least expensive yet appropriate eye glasses for a referred client.  We will pay $55 for a new patient exam, single vision lenses at $29, $49 for bifocal lenses and $100 for trifocal lenses and value frames at $9.


Section M

Funding Requests

Requests for funds must be submitted to the club indicating the following:

                Requester’s name and address, phone number, date and statement of need and amount requested.  The club will then act upon the request.


Section N

Hearing Aid Requests

Hearing aid requests will be forwarded to the appropriate contact at District 11C2 for review and processing.


The club will work with the applicant to submit an application to the District and the club would pay up to $300 toward the assessment if the application is accepted and approved by the District.  1/5/2015


Section 0

Husband and Wife Members

When both a husband and a wife are members of the club, dues for both spouses will be reduced by $5 a quarter.


Section P

Past Due Dues

Active members are to remain current in paying their dues.  All bills and other expenses incurred by members will be due and payable within 45 days of the billing date.  If the unpaid balance reaches $60 or more at any time, the treasurer must advise the president.  The president and/or treasurer shall contact the member to discuss the non-payment issue and attempt to set up a mutually-acceptable payment schedule

If the unpaid balance reaches $90 or more at any time, the treasurer shall advise the executive committee.  The executive committee shall meet with the member to discuss the non-payment issue.  The executive committee may place the member on an at-large status and may take any further action as it sees appropriate on a case-by-case basis.


Section Q

Deuce of Diamonds Draw

Tickets will be sold at each meeting for $1 each in an attempt to enhance financial support for the club as well as provide an opportunity of individual members to benefit from the drawings at each meeting.

The rules are as follows:

                Only members may purchase tickets and win in the drawing

                Each member may buy a maximum of 5 tickets

                You must be present to draw for the deuce of diamonds

                Each pot will be divided into thirds

                                Deuce of Diamonds pot, winner of the night pot and Lions Club pot

                As each card is drawn, it is removed from the deck until the deuce of diamond is drawn.  Then   the game starts over.  The individual who draws the deuce of diamonds will receive the Deuce of                 Diamonds pot (which accumulates each meeting).


Approved 12/1/2014


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