Sept. 6, 2011

Lion President Ralph Daby called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance, song and prayer.

Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer’s balances:  Admin. - $1930.81  Project - $7333.37  Total  $9264.18

Corrections were made to Calendar items in the Newsletter.

Correspondence – The MN Lions Diabetes Foundation has requested donations for a special project. They are raising funds to create the Minnesota Lions Islet Imaging Laboratory and have pledged to raise $250,000.00 to be used to develop MRI tools to advance the cure for diabetes. They are asking for $3 per member per year for 3 years.  The Lions Board passed a motion to donate to this project.


Lion Joe Voss presented information on improving the area around the entrance of the Paynesville Historical Society building. Paynesville Lions, Eden Valley-Watkins Lions, Lake Henry Lions and St. Martin Lions have all contributed funds in the past. Lion Joe’s suggestion is to clean up the weeds and provide a new sign at the entrance with the 4 club names as contributors and the Lions Club logo. Cost would be around $850.00.

Finance Chairman Lion Steve Whitcomb made a motion to approve funding for the project up to $850.

Lion Dave Mutchelknaus moved to amend the motion to $1000 in order to cover any contingencies.

Lion Marv Niedan seconded Lion Steve’s motion. Motion carried.

Lion Dr. Alan Solum seconded Lion Dave’s motion. Motion carried. Funding is approved up to $1000.00 for cleanup  and a new sign for the entrance to the Historical Society.

Lion John Nett will have tickets for the Chili Feed at the next meeting. Chili Feed will be on Fri. Oct. 21.


Lion Joe Musel asked who is now responsible for roof repairs on the City Restroom Building. Since the property has been donated to the City, they are now responsible for any repairs.

Attendance drawing – Ron Iverson donated money to admin. Fund.

Motion to adjourn by Lion John Nett, 2nd by Lion Norm Athman.

Margaret Swanson, Secretary



August 15, 2011

Lion President Ralph Daby called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance, song and prayer.

Minutes were read and approved M/Lion Dr. Ray Lindeman, 2nd/Marv Niedan. Carried.

Treasurer’s report: Admin Fund  $1756.78, Projects  $7333.37,  Total  $9090.15

No report available from Hamburger Stand

No old business

New business – Lion Dr. Ray Lindeman presented a new International pin from the upcoming Korean International Lions convention to Lion Dave Mutchelknaus because he is handsomer, balder and butted in line in front of Lion Lindeman.  More pins will be presented at future meetings.

Attendance drawing -  Lion Dean Seanor was not present.

Motion to adjourn by Lion John Nett, 2nd by Lion Steve Whitcomb. Carried


Margaret Swanson, Secretary


March 7, 2011

Lion President Jeff Thompson called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance, song and prayer.

Lion Dr. Ray Lindeman introduced his guests Don and Nan Mayer.

Minutes were read and approved with a motion by Lion John Nett, 2nd by Lion Ron Brossard. Carried.

Treasurer’s balances:       Admin.                             7,49.88

                                           Project                           3,256.55

                                           Total                               4,006.43

Basketball programs were all delivered to the schools and advertisers.

Spaghetti Supper update will be done at the next meeting.

Our Club had a total of 37 members and guests attend the Zone meeting at Queen Bee restaurant.

Finance Committee Chair Lion Steve Whitcomb reported that a request had been received for financial assistance for a vision exam and eyeglasses for a 9 year old child. She is a student at Roccori Schools, so the Committee felt it would be proper to refer the family to the Cold Spring, Rockville and Richmond Clubs.


Correspondence was read from the following: Thank you from Jennifer Engen, Director of PAHCS Foundation, Thank you from Chairperson of the 5M8 Diabetes Foundation, Thank you From  PDG Bob Hoofnagle for donation to the Eye Bank, several thank you notes from Paynesville 6th graders for donation to their Winter Camp.

Business Expo will be March 19. Volunteers are asked to sign up to work at the Booth.


Local Scouts are inviting representatives from the Lions to their Blue & Gold Banquet on March 13.

Lion Kay McDaniel presented a Leader Dog Founders Tribute Award to Lion Sigmund Pfeifer and a Hearing Research Fellow Award to Lion Don Anderson.

Officers Training will be held  April 19 at Roccori High School in Cold Spring.

President Jeff asked each member to submit a name to the membership chairman for possible recruitment as a new member.

Attendance – Lion Greg Friederichs was not present.

Lion Marv Niedan made a motion to adjourn the meeting, 2nd by Lion Ric Koehn.

Margaret Swanson, Secretary


April 4, 2011
Lion President Jeff Thompson called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance, song and prayer.
Lion Dave Mutchelknaus introduced Youth Service Award recipients Crystal Roberts and Kayla Youngs and their parents. Lion Jeff Thompson introduced his guest Becky Thompson.
Minutes were read and approved on a motion by Lion Bob Johnson, second by Lion Don Anderson.
Treasurer’s balances:               Admin. Fund                         639.39
                                                 Project Fund                       2,026.55
                                                      Total                               2,665.94
Lion John Nett distributed work schedules for the Spaghetti supper. Additional tickets are available at Spooner Law Office and Blessingwell Gallery.
Thank You notes from UZone and Leader Dogs for the Blind for donations we made to them.
Lion Joe Musel inducted new members Don and Nan Mayer.
Lion Peter Jacobson provided a report on the Basketball program sales showing a net profit of $2425.90.
Lion President Jeff presented the following slate of Officers:
President                           Ralph Daby
1st Vice Pres                       Ric Koehn
2nd Vice Pres                      Allan Solum
3rd Vice Pres
Secretary                           Margaret Swanson
Treasurer                           Shirley Pelz
Immed. Past Pres             Jeff Thompson
Lion Tamer                        Jerome Lieser
Tail Twisters                      Ron Brossard
                                          Paul Oman
Directors (1 yr)                  Don Anderson
                                          Steve Whitcomb
Directors (2 yr)                  Richard Geers
Lion Ron Brossard made a motion to accept the slate of Officers as presented, seconded by Lion John Nett. Motion carried.
The members were directed to break out into groups to plan Hamburger Stand responsibilities.
The meeting was adjourned.
Margaret Swanson, Secretary    
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