All types of used eyeglasses and sunglasses, prescription and non-prescription, for children and adults are accepted, including exceptionally strong or weak prescriptions. Reading glasses are also useful for those who perform close-up tasks while at work. Sunglasses are needed for people living near the equator, especially those with cataracts.

If you have glasses you'd like to donate so someone less fortunate, you may take them to any one of the following locaitons:

  • West Pottsgrove Township Building, 975 Grosstown Road, Stowe, PA  19464
  • Upper Pottsgrove Township Building
  • Pottstown Walmart
  • Pottstown Library
  • Redners, North End Shopping Center
  • Most optician's offices in the Pottstown area


If you have a need for or would like to donate any type of handicapped equipment, walkers, canes, beds, wheel chairs, etc., please contact:

Greenlane Marlboro Lions Club
Bob Klemmerer


Please email the club at or call us at 484-366-1074

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