2017 Collection Target: 350 pairs of glasses

In March 2017 we relaunched our Spectacle Recyling Initiative in the two Secondary Schools within our area. The event was enthusiastically supported by Dene Magna School, Mitcheldean and The Forest High School, Cinderford. During the month the students collected 78 pairs of glasses.  During June 2017 a further 15 Primary and Special Schools within our area collected a further 175 pairs of glasses. Our club members have now collected afurther 111 pairs throughout July. Current total 364 pairs of glasses

We have exceeded our 2017 target with five months still to go!!

Ruardean Cof E Primary  and Lydbrook Primary School students proudly display their collection boxes at the end of June 2017

Our new target is to collect 500 pairs by the end of 2017

Please contact us if you wish to donate any used glasses to support our target



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