Shandon Valley 2010 Easter Egg Hunt

Thank you Lion Jodi Tellier for hosting this years Easter Egg Hunt and activities. 

Many of the residents of Shandon have not experienced an egg hunt and/or decorating eggs.  It was a day many will remember and look forward to next year.

A special thanks to all the Parents and Fire personnel for  there help,  Thanks to Sherill and Lori for donating the eggs.

Arion, age 2 1/2, had a very good time.

Arion, Age 2 1/2, showing off his eggs.

Eggs or every different colour

We had eggs of many different colors and designs.

Cool colors

The kids were very creative and did an awsome job on the easter eggs.

No head Easter Monster

Is it coming or going?  Strange no headed Easter monster wanted to find some eggs.

Bucket of all the easter eggs

Look at all those eggs.  The older kids had a great time playing easter bunny.

Hellicopter showed up

The Fire department had a helicopter display for everyone to see.

Look at all the candy

Thank you for the candy, "You can have them after lunch Son. Oh, ok. you can have one now!".





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