Lion Sheila Turner has done a 150 km in aid of the Gema Fund, along the Pilgrims Way from Logrono to Bourgos. Starting on July 7th she walked about 30 kms per day in searing heat, we all wished her well.

Sheila raised over 1,100 euros which she has donated to the Gema Fund. Here she is presenting Lion Keith with the cheque

Day 1  Monday 8th July
Sheila Turner and Eileen Kilmurry have arrived at the end of the first leg of walk, a small town called Najera, 23.7 kms from Logrono.   They had to sleep on the floor in a church in Logrono yesterday evening, and had an 05.25 hrs start this morning.   The weather is very hot, they have a few blisters, and are sleeping in a dorm in bunk beds this evening.  They are in high spirits and looking forward to
the next leg of their exciting adventure!

Sleeping in the church

Day 2 Tuesday 9th July
Sheila and Eileen have reached the town of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, having started out from Najera at 6.30 this morning, and have done the 21kms in 4 hours!   Sheila has said that she some really bad blisters on her feet, and Eileen has a bad one on her back from the rucksack.  Eileen also took a little fall yesterday, so she is feeling pretty bad.  Tomorrow, they are heading for Belorado, approximately halfway, at a distance of 23kms. Hope the blisters don't get any worse.  No-one said this was going to be easy!

The passports

Day 3 Wednesday 10th July
Having collected their "credencial" passports, or Pilgrims passports, the ladies have made it to their third stop on the route -  they left at 5 this morning (Wednesday) and arrived at Belorado, 23 kms later, at 11 am.  The next stage goes uphill very quickly, up to 1150 metres at Momuneto de Los Caidos, then down to Ages at 960 metres.  This is a really tough stage of the walk, and Sheila now has serious blister problems.  She has been told that she cannot walk for at least two days, so she is going to try and get to Burgos by another means, then wait for Eileen to complete the distance Eileen , despite her tumble, and despite the soreness to her lower back, will continue to the next stop, 28 kms distant.  Sheila is naturally very upset, but I have known grown men cry with blisters on route marches, so nothing to be ashamed of!  Otherwise, all is well!

The Route and the Blistered Feet!

Day 4 Thursday 11th July
Yesterday was Day 4 and Sheila continues to recover from her severely blistered fee, after further treatment on Wednesday night but with the expectation to walk on Saturday after taking the bus to Burgos. Eileen left Belorado at 5.30 and got into Ages at 12.45 after 28Kms. Her sore back is holding up. The walk was extremely difficult because of the climb to 1150 metres passing through forests on the way.

Day 5 Friday 12th July
Today is Ages to Burgos a distance of 23Kms. It should not be too difficult since it starts at 960 metres and rises to 1070 metres at Cruz de Madera and thereafter gradually drops to 865 metres at Burgos. The weather continues to be kind and dry but warm. After Burgos the walk will continue to achieve the 150Kms of the sponsored walk. Still walking with friendly groups. The final report will be for next Monday morning when both return to Bedar for that celebratory photo-shoot and drink.

Welcome back and "Well Done both of you"


Sheila and friends setting off for Logrono


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