Lions clubs are strong supporters of young people around the world, and provide a variety of programmes and projects to do so.

Youth of the Year

This is a national contest for young people in years 11 or 12 at school. They are interviewed by a panel of judges to demonstrate their general knowledge, awareness of world and Australian issues, and their ability to face an audience to show their public speaking skills. Most Clubs nominate a candidate in a knockout contest, and finally a winner for the whole of Australia emerges.
With the kind support of the National Australia Bank excellent prizes are awarded at each level to give all participants an incentive to enter. 

Youth Exchange 

A primary object of Lions is to “Create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world”. 

And where better to start than the youth of the world? Experiencing and understanding cultures around the world is vital to breaking down prejudices. Lions have for nearly 50 years arranged Youth exchanges between overseas countries. Young people from 16 to 21 can apply. They must be selected and endorsed by a Lions club, and the youth must fund their travel etc. However accommodation and hospitality is provided by a Host family and Lions club in the destination country. 

Most exchanges from .Australia are for about 4 weeks in December/ January.


International Youth Camps

Another youth activity are the annual International Youth Camps, where young people from many countries meet together for about a week. There are over 100 such camps around the world. Most cater for ages from 16 or 17 to about 21.
Australians can apply to attend a camp overseas, by applying to a Lions club. Nomination by a club is a requirement.
In Australia there are four such Camps, attended mainly by visitors but a few Australians can be included. One of these Camps is held near Newcastle, on Lake Macquarie at a Summerland Point guesthouse in July each year. It is known as Camp Kookaburra. About 40 young people attend, with a limit of 4 from the same country.
Wangi Lions assist with this Camp, by arranging activities to give the visitors a wider experience of Australia, and some fun time together.
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