Delgado Wins Whitney Lions' Competition in Lions International Peace Poster Contest

Noelia Delgado, a Whitney Middle School Student, has taken the first step to becoming an internationally recognized artist by winning a local competitioin sponsored by the Whitney Lions Club.

Delgado's poster was among more than 350,000 entries submitted worldwide in the annual Lions International Peace Poster Contest.  Lions Clubs International is sponsoring the program to emphasize the importance of world peace to young people everywhere.

The poster was selected for its originality, artistic merit and portrayal of the contest theme, "Our World, Our Future."  Ms. Carman Michael encouraged all her students to participate and to show their expression through art.

Lions Club Contest Chairman Joe Jackson said he was impressed by the expression and creativity of the students at Whitney Middle School.  "It is obvious that these young people have strong ideas about what peace means to them.  I'm so proud that we were able to provide them with the opportunity to share their visions."

"Delgado's poster will advance through the district, multiple district and international levels of competition if she is to be declared the international grand prize winner," said Lion President Sharon Weeks.

One international grand prize winner and 23 merit award winners will be selected.  The grand prize includes a cash award of $5,000, plus a trip for the winner and two family members to the awards ceremony at Lions Day with the United Nations.  The 23 merit winners will each receive a certificate and a cash award of $500.

"Our Club is cheering for Noelia as her poster advances in the competition, and we hope that her vision will ultimately be shared with others around the world, " Weeks said.

Locally, Delgado and Ms. Michael were honored with a luncheon by the Whitney Lions Club courtesy of WISD Superintendent Gene Solis and Delgado was given a cash award from the Lions of $100.

Emily Callaway was the runner-up and received a cash award of $35 for her art.


Winner of Lions’ Essay Announced

Whitney Middle School Student, Emily Callaway has been declared the winner of the local essay competition and advances to District.  The essay is based on Lions Efforts Against Drugs and the theme for 2013-2014 is “Impact of Alcohol and Drugs on Teenagers.”  L.E.A.D. is a 2-X3 District wide program that works with local Lions to help promote Drug Awareness within their school districts.

Local Youth Contest Chairman Joe Jackson joined forces with WMS teacher Holly Totten and administrators to conduct the drug awareness essay contest.  Emily’s essay was chosen based on five criteria areas, including comprehension of subject matter, originality, writing style, grammar and spelling, and accuracy and completeness on content.

Whitney Lions Club awarded a $100 cash prize to Miss Callaway at a recent luncheon.  Her essay has advanced to district level where she will have the opportunity to compete for 1st to 5th place with prize monies of $300, $150, $100, $75, and $50, respectively .

In attendance at the award luncheon with Emily were local WISD Superintendent Gene Solis and Emily’s Mom Kara Callaway.

The Whitney Lions Club is a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs.  For more information or to get involved with the Whitney Lions Club, please contact Debbie Gregory at 254.266.0438 or  Whitney Lions Club has a website at




LEAD Essay Contest Winner Advances to District Competition

Emily Callaway has been awarded 5th Place in the 2-X3 District Lions competition of the LEAD Essay Contest.  Her chance for advancement came in December when Emily won the local Whitney Lions Competition receiving $100 and dinner with the Lions.

By invitation and winning of the local competition, Emily attended the Mid-Winter Conference of Lions in 2-X3 at Fairfield, Texas and received additional prize money of $50 and lunch.   District 2-X3 is one of sixteen districts in the state of Texas and  consists of fifty-two clubs, including Waco Founder, Temple Founder, Robinson, Palestine, Mexia, Killeen Evening, Hillsboro, and Gatesville to name a few.

Whitney Lions sponsored both Emily Callaway and Noelia Delgado for advancement to the next level of competition with the accompaniment of their teachers Holly Totten and Carman Michael and their parents Cara Callaway and Juan and Marina Delgado, respectively.  Lions Members in attendance were Richard Radykowski, Cindy Wilkins, Debbie Gregory, Sharon Weeks, Jim and Wanda Cato.

The Lions’ motto is “We Serve,” and the Whitney Lions Club has lived up to the motto.  For 83 years, the Whitney Lions club has provided for our community with service projects such as eyeglasses for needy students, scholarship, and youth programs for our young.  These are only a few of the ways that the Lions Club makes an impact our community.  If you have interest in joining the Lions, please contact Debbie Gregory at 254.266.0438 or email

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