The 2023 Amery Lions Club Calendar Raffle winners are now being selected!
A great big thank you goes out to all of our supporters this year!  Total prize money for this year was $6,350!
Here are the winners:
January 1st     Sonia Hoglund     $100.00  (Calendar #224)
January 2nd    Ally Sersch          $30.00     (Calendar #897)
January 3rd     Colleen Foxwell   $30.00    (Calendar #652)
January 4th     Matt Dunham        $30.00    (Calendar #744)
January 5th     Ed Flanum            $60.00    (Calendar #40)
January 6th     Bill Rodke            $30.00     (Calendar #233)
January 7th     Terri Swinney       $30.00     (Calendar #381)
January 8th     Rebecca Curtis    $30.00     (Calendar #644)
January 9th     Chris Kloos          $30.00     (Calendar #852)
January 10th   Gary Schone        $30.00     (Calendar #463)
January 11th   Kevin Lentsch      $30.00     (Calendar #18)
January 12th   Joanne Heller       $60.00     (Calendar #154)
January 13th   Dan Schwan         $30.00     (Calendar #892)
January 14th   Charlie Vander-Linden   $30.00 (Calendar #1015)
January 15th   Laura Schmitz      $30.00     (Calendar #534)
January 16th   Michelle Lindstrom  $30.00 (Calendar #209)
January 17th   Peter Linsmayer   $30.00     (Calendar #1179)
January 18th   Mike Kohlrusch     $30.00    (Calendar #321)
January 19th   Marie Aarthum      $60.00     (Calendar #1186)
January 20th   Dave Schleusner  $30.00     (Calendar #918)
January 21st   Brandon Whittaker  $30.00  (Calendar #733)
January 22nd  Dan Gullickson      $30.00     (Calendar #553)
January 23rd   Elle Runk                $30.00     (Calendar #568)
January 24th   Ed Gullickson        $30.00     (Calendar #555)
January 25th   Gary Hagen            $30.00     (Calendar #540)
January 26th   Ann Bowman         $60.00     (Calendar #615)
January 27th  Ken Kruse                $30.00    (Calendar #614)


Founded in 1980, the Amery Lions Club of Polk County, Wisconsin consists of over 50 men and women who are dedicated to serving the needs of our community.  We're proud of our city of Amery and our club members serve the community by freely giving their time and labor, in addition to raising funds, to support local, State and International projects and foundations.  Our Club's many activities reflect the Lions motto "We Serve."


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The Amery Lions Shelter at North Park

The Amery Lions Club Shelter at North Park



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