Cardiff Lions Club 

Our Donation policy is very simple and clear.

We try to support local charities and good causes with occasional donations to international causes.

We prefer to donate money that has a tangible outcome and not money into a "pot ".

We prefer to make small dontions to smaller charities and causes if we can and on a regular basis.

In the last Financial year we have donated approximately £4000 to local charities and good causes.

Charities and causes we have donated to this year include.

Cardiff Sea Cadets              Bloodwise                            
Sense Cymru     The Wallich
RNIB     Engineers without Borders
Cardiff Chameleons  
George Thomas  
Ely Garden Village  
Church Army  
Bob Cook Games  
Football Medals  

Maybe we can help your cause or need please get in touch to see if we can help.

Dont forget you can always donate through our Local Giving web page at


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