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Yeni Kadıköy Lions Club is a part of Lions Club International, founded in Kadikoy on 09/01/1983. In 1991 and Founding President on 14.05.1992 of the establishment of the Lions Club, Lioness Club in 1992, Ln. Aysel Güngör took the leadership of the current name of Yeni Kadikoy Lions Club name and continued to maintain its services with a new ID.
Yeni Kadıköy Lions Club since its inception, Lions Volunteers Help excitement, consciousness, and realized several successful projects with the mission to serve the community. They include;
– In the field of health, supply of wheelchairs, hospital equipment to various studies, such as aid
– The guarantee of our future for our children and young people, scholarships, work-related services to children with disabilities and children in need of protection
As summed up. The club intends to continue to generate projects in these and similar issues.
The mission of the club, led the service to contribute to society, organization support, participation and partnership at all levels by providing support such as financial aid, contemporary, happy and to contribute to the formation of a healthy society.
Our vision is to constantly new and successful service projects and to realize, in this study, and recognized in Turkey Lions whole of Turkish society, who led the people willing to serve, it is to be the leader in Service Supply.

If you would like to donate to our projects in our multiple district you can contact us by our email address.

MD 118-Y Istanbul


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