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With my last report as President on the web,go my very best wishes from Members to Peter and his Board for a very successful and enterprising year ahead,- of Service,fun and fellowship for the Club and members.  We are getting the Changeover together as we speak, with programmes, guest lists and table President Russell Fredeicks 2009-2010decorations,etc.. all under some semblance of control.  Having just completed final drafts for our changeover programme, I can say that members can be more than justly proud of what has been achieved this year.  It is of course the time of year for lots of 'thanks you's'. Dozens of members led a committee, or an event, or a function, etc throughout the year. With little exception, our projects, our fun raising and service work were all successful, to the extent that a record amount of dollars was raised through the year from what may well be a record number of hours put in by members, resulting in a record distribution to a wide range of 'causes'.

All Members

We will be keeping this website as long as possible. It is an extra site that informs our many Lions Members around the world what we achieve in Kiama Lions. I will do my best to keep it updated. 


 Herant, McKee and Robson Lion Hemant will be attending the Lions International Convention in Sydney, but after arriving is Sydney he immediately caught a flight to Melbourne, bought a $300 second hand Bicycle, and is now cycling to Sydney via the Princes Highway. He hopes to meet Lions on the way. The Photo: Hemant Agrawal was presented a bannerette by Keith McKee and Kiama Lions David Robson. Lion David Robson will also be attending the International Convention in Sydney.       


                             KIAMA -the location of the famous BLOWHOLE

 The main Kiama Blow Hole was discovered by George Bass on his voyage of coastal exploration on December 6, 1797, after anchoring his whaleboat in the sheltered bay which became Kiama Harbour. 

The shore Bass wrote, showed evidence of considerable volcanic fire and on the point he found: "The earth for a Kiama Blowholeconsiderable distance round in the form approaching a circle seemed to have given way; it was now a green slope.....Towards the centre was a deep ragged hole of about 25 to 30 feet in diameter and on one side of it the sea washed in through a subterraneous passage...with a most tremendous noise..." 

Bass was not, in fact, the first to discover the Kiama Blow Hole, as local Aboriginals had for generations referred to it as Khanterintee

In January 1889 a performer by the name of Charles Jackson attracted large crowds to see his crossings of the mouth of the Blow Hole on a tightrope. 

In more recent times a local newspaper editor caused a furore by reporting that the Public Works Department was going to give the Blowhole a "reline" as it was not working as well as it used to due to erosion. All manner of media coverage & public protests were subsequently arranged for the day which was scheduled for the work to be done, which turned out to be April Fools Day.

Suggestions by visitors disappointed that the Blowhole was not working when they visited, have included the installation of a coin operated pump. A smaller blowhole popularly known as the LITTLE BLOW HOLE is located a few minutes south of the main Blow Hole performs best under moderate seas


userfiles/2164/240610(1).pdf The Latest Ki-Lines Number 24  Read our Ki-Lines all the latest news of whats happening in our Club.

                                     FOOTBALL TIPPING COMPETITION RESULTS ROUND 15

   Kiama Members Only:  The latest Football results.15 


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Bobbie English

Kiama Lions Club Today 40th Birthday

Kiama Lions Club has 82 members and meets fortnightly for fellowship and business. It plans regular projects, events and functions mostly within the Municipality of Kiama. Major fund raising activities include a food service van operating at local markets, Kiama Show, etc..: a Race Day at Charter President Ian AndrewsKembla Grange, an Easter Fun Day for families, a "Small Ball", and a wide and varied range of other activities.          Community service projects include Driver Reviver, Lions Park, a number of 'hands on' projects and numerous other one-off events (for youth, sight impaired, elderly, and the community at large).       The Club's funds are directed to a wide range of causes and needs mostly within the Kiama Municipality, but also on a broader national and global scale.     Kiama Lions Club is a highly respected community service club whose members embrace the Lions Clubs International Vision and Mission Statements;... while having a good time!


                                                                               IN APPRECIATION

Canakkale Lions Club of MD 118, TurkeyIn recognition of the contribution of the Lions Clubs of Turkey, especially Lion Dr. Enzar Tore, in providing free web page hosting for Lions Clubs everywhere, the KIAMA LION CLUB of MD201/N2 proudly displays the flag of Turkey on our site.
Click on the flag to go to the web site of Lion Dr. Enzar's home club - the Lions Club of Canakkale.

Bne Ekibin Lions of MD201, Australia

As an extension to the Turkish Lions' contribution, the Brisbane Ekibin Lions Club of MD 201 Q1 (Australia) offer assistance to Lions Clubs who want to take advantage of the Turkish Lions offer, but are not familiar with web publishing. They've already set up many sites for Lions Clubs world-wide, using Lionwap.
If your club wants to be on the internet, and would like some help, leave a message in the Ekibin Guest Book by clicking on the image above.  This is a FREE SERVICE, so you don't spend a cent for their work. As Lionwap is also FREE, this means you get a web site that you NEVER have to pay for. - Is that a deal or what'
All your Club has to do it have some-one update and maintain your page, which needs not take more than a few minutes each month. The Ekibin Lions will even give you some tips on that!



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