Much our welfare activity is in reponse to requests from local individauls and organisations but  In addition our Welfare Committee make pro active contact from time to time with suitable organisations in our area to see if they are in need of support.

Like in our Social programme, we have one or two regular projects which we support, year on year.

Senior Citizens Party.  Held each year, in both Lechlade & Fairford. We provide transport to and from the venues, refreshments and entertainment for up 150 senior citizens.This events have taken place in every one of the 40 years since our Club was Chartered.

Bob Cook Games. Held in Swindon in August each year. We support Chippenham Lions in this all day event for handicapped young people, some severely so; we work very closely with the competitors during a very busy schedule, which gives us considerable personal reward.

Locally We support

Young people, including Scouts and Guides, sometimes from disadvantaged families, embarking on overseas factfinding trips, Summer Camps etc; we will often ask them to make presentations to us first at one of our meetings, and then report back to us on their return.

Riding for the Disabled, a National charity, active in our area

Local Schools, Medical Centres. Hospices etc

Members children who take part in runs for approved Charities.

….and of course, our Community Minibus service, which consumes around 50% of the Funds we raise each year, and is the subject of a separate section on our website.

Sight Savers We support our Multiple District ongoing programme of collecting used spectacles from Chemists, Opticians, Medical Centres etc and forwarding them to collection centres to be shipped to Third World countries


Specific projects in under developed countries; recently:

The Xavier project helping Children in Africa;

A Lions Club in Nepal to scale up their Oral Health program for schoolchildren;




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