On Monday, January 11th, students of Fairhaven School received eye exams provided by the Senior interns of the Ohio State University School of Optometry. Each student was given seven vision tests to determine their perception, acuity, and visual clarity. A group of 14 interns accompanied by Dr. Sandra Anderson spent the morning assuring the students received  thorough eye exams. Part of the exam included an eye check while watching  cartoons, which was a hit with all of the preschoolers. Students received a written report to take home to their parents.This is the fourth year the London Lions Club has sponsored this service to our students. As well, they support our children by providing glasses if a family has financial need. In the past the London Lions have provided  Fairhaven  school with a low vision reader for students who have significant visual disabilities. The OSU interns will return on February 1st to do visual evaluations for the Headstart preschoolers in Madison County.


    Using 3D glasses             Good old eye chart           Looking inside the eye

                        OSU interns with Dr. Sandra Anderson



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