I met a man who couldn't see,
And the thought of darkness frightened me.
I saw another who couldn't hear
and I found I had a second tear.
A little voice inside of me
Asked, is this how it has to be.
The answer is no, cause in God's great
Some take time to chase a dream.
So, I began a quest to see
If others felt the same as me.
Who would join together and form a plan
To try and help our fellow man.
People who would work to help someone
Not for who they are, or what they've done
but to make life better for all to live
By acts of kindness we can give
I searched and searched through
thick and thin
Then I met someone wearing a Lion's pin
He said, there's lots of other folks like you
They all have fears, but they chase dreams
And on this earth God gave to man
In every nation, Lions stand
They serve those with less, you see
And I am very proud to be
a lion


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