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 PLEASE NOTE: Next Meeting 5th June 2023.

Coral Bar, Coral Mar Square

 Costa del Silencio,

 Arona, Tenerife


May 2023

San Miguel Lions Club is hosting for the first time after the pandemic the holiday for special needs children and their carers, this will continue the annual event that has existed for many years. Children having various life quality threatening conditions will meet with others from several locations around the UK to experience the culture of Tenerife during planned excursions and during the “free days” explore their own choices.

These holidays are made possible by the generosity of local people and tourist's to the island, and the sponsors of the flights in the UK

Please view the holiday activities on the website here where you will find pictures of the excursions etc.

If you or your business could make a contribution to provide experience(s) for these children, please contact any of the San Miguel Lions Club members or contact us by telephone or email or go to our website here, where you will find a contact form.

You can support the continuation of these well received holidays and other Lions projects in the community by making donations at the collection points located at various venues throughout south Tenerife. Our Charity Shop would be pleased to see you, where you can make donations and/or buy something.

May 3rd. A welcome meeting was held this morning at the resort where relevent information was given about the area and the planned excursions.

Later, families went to the resort pool terrace for swimming, relaxing and taking in the wonderful weather or went to explore the local surroundings.

May 4th. Excursion to Monkey Park.

It is just half an hour from the resort to the Monkey Park, the weather was just about perfect with a cloudy blue sky and comfortable temperature. This is a small park where you can admire a nice collection of monkeys, parrots, reptiles and birds. The children (and adults) can enter enclosures to interact with monkeys, guinea pigs and birds. 

May 5 2023

"Fee day" guests make their own choices of the day. Expect some reports.

May 6 2023

Coronation day for King Charles III and Queen Camilla. "Free day" with entertainment at the resort in the afternoon.

May 7 2023

Excursion to Loro Parque. The journey to the park location Puerto del La Cruz gave our guests an opportunity to see the many villages along the coast that are adjacent to the southern motorway TF1 on the way towards the Capital of the island Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Also passing through the extensive onshore wind farms.

Before reaching the island capital, we joined the link road to join the north motorway TF5 that would take us to Puerto Del La Cruz and to our destination for the day, Loro Parque.

At the park the children and carers were able to roam at their leisure to see the animals and shows all day.

The return journey was a welcome rest and sleep for some. Many of the children enjoying a countdown to all the bridges and tunnels, all clasified as "tunnel".

May 8 2023

"Fee day" guests make their own choices of the day. Expect some reports.

May 9 2023

Excursion for all day fun at Aqualand Water Park.







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