Club Projects

Seniors Raised Bed Garden Project:

This project was started a couple of years ago with an expansion at the Seniors Residences,  They lost their garden bed in the expansion.  Our club stepped up and built raised garden beds for the seniors that they could maintain on thier own.  The beds are 4' x 8' and are raised about 30" off the ground making it easier to work on even in wheel chairs or walkers. 

We are proud of this initiative.  We also partnered with the Friends of World development and a couple of Legion Branches. 


Blood Donor Clinic:



Playhouse/Garden Shed - Raffle:

 This is a raffle Draw we raise funds with.  Most of the material was donated by local firms.  The labour was also donated.  In 2010 we raised just over $ 3,000 for ther club.


St Paul Handi-Van Project:



St Paul Soccer Facility Project:


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