inagurated on 6th october 2010 by International Association of Lions clubs, Lions club of Ambalavayal was sponsored by Lions club of Kenichira. Then treasurer of Kenichira lions club Ln.M.KDharendran was the extension commitie chair person.Later charter was presanted to the club on 11th November 2010 by the then district governer of erstwhile district 324 E 5 Ln.Ipe Thomas MJF.

       Lion.O.V.Varghese was the charter president and Lion Adv.K.P.Praveen was the charter secretary.Other charter members are listed below

1.Ln.O.V.Varghese     2.Ln.Adv.K.P.Praveen     3.Ln.T.K.Sasidharam    4.Ln.Dr.K.Sharafuddin   5.Ln.Bibin.K.S     6.Ln.Jijin.K.S     7.Ln.(Late)M.V.Cheriyan   8.Ln.P.L.Johnson    9.Ln.Anil George     10.Ln.V.Harikumar  11.Ln.V.V.Shybu    12.Ln.Biju John    13.Ln.Prajeesh Kumar    14.Ln.Denny.K.Hensly   15.Ln.P.P.Aliyas    16.Ln.P.V.Narayanan

          Since its formation Lions club of Ambalavayal was keen in service activities. We had distributed food to poor, conducted bike rally on our replublic day, aid to old age homes and hostels. Also we took keen interest in conducting seminar  on women's day indipendance day etc. 2011-12 we recieved a honourable mention award from district 324e5


       2012-13 was marked with service activities and  we rebuild love as our then district governer's theme.We had distributed educational AID to school students, wheel chairs and crutches to disabled persons, water beds to sick and needy, free gas connection to school etc and also we sponsored on needy p[erson for his eye surgery.The last day of the officers term witnessed the historic event of submission of consent for organ donation by all club members


   This year we are focusing more on permanant / continuing type projects and we are gonna start it right from our new officers installation on July 15 2013

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