Beloit Noon Lions Newsletter

                           February 2019


Greetings, Fellow Lions.

Spring has finally sprung! (Well, at least it’s not -30…)

Here’s the meeting schedule for February:

Feb. 7th, 14th, and 28th, we’ll meet at 11:30am for our regular meetings.

Feb. 21st we’ll gather at 11:00am for the board meeting, followed by the regular meeting at 11:30am. All meetings will be held at Boundaries

upstairs, and lunch will follow after, downstairs off the menu.

Other tidbits:

  • The focus this month will be on our rose/carnation campaign. All

should have your packets shortly, and commence SELLING ASAP!

Remember – we are what we sell, and need $$$ for our charities.

  • Bad weather caused our zone meeting to be cancelled. Stay tuned
  • ‘Dining in the Dark’ was a huge success, and the Niters & Sobo Lions did a fine job putting it together. We had Babb & harem, the DJ Wilsons, plus Peltier-Meyer attending. Good time, great food!
  • SWEETHEARTS NITE is scheduled for Wed/ 13th at The Butterfly.

Cost is just $25. per person and includes tax/tip. Menu choices are prime rib, salmon, or chicken. Always a fun time, and sign up ASAP

  • Election of Officers: While our current ones will be serving their 2nd year come July 1st, anyone wishing to run must sign up by mid

March. Don’t hesitate to throw your hat in the ring, if desired.

  • Our bi-monthly blood drive was held elsewhere, as Prez Babb’s church was unavailable due to a funeral. Next drive: Mar. 12th-?
  • PANCAKES: Edgerton Feb. 3rd, and Albany Feb. 9th.
  • Vision screening update: 2311 kids screened, 288 referrals…
  • Our own Chuck Wilson is receiving many kudos for his enter-taining disc jockey capabilities. He and his music just light up a room, and he’s getting many gigs booked for conventions, etc.   
  • Dave & Phyllsie will be celebrating 26 years of (un)wedded bliss come Feb. 6th. A trip to Tahiti is tentatively planned… (on the 50th)

That’s it for now. Any news you have is welcomed!

Ol’ Dave, Editor




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